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Topics: Black Nazarene, Quiapo, Manila, Roman Catholic Church Pages: 3 (1176 words) Published: August 11, 2011
Dy, James Andrew D. SA 21-C
Silva, Maria Patricia T. March 8, 2011
Uy, Christian R.
Better Catholics and Better Filipinos
Catholicism in the Philippines right now, is very prevalent, filled with all sorts of beliefs and values that are constantly being practiced by the Filipinos. How exactly did this Catholicism come to be? It was first introduced to the Filipino people by the Spaniards, our past colonizers, and this was what they first used to educate and to civilize the olden Filipino people. At the time, the Filipinos, though perceived to be simplistic, and were behind in terms of technology, arts, and the like in comparison to the western world, they already had their own culture, with its own set of respective belief and values, and thus, the Spaniards themselves were finding it rather difficult to simply teach their belief of Catholicism to the natives when they already believed in something else. In order to power through this and still be able to promulgate Catholicism, instead of taking over and erasing the Filipino culture, surprisingly, the opposite happened.    The new teachings of the Catholic faith were infused and combined with the pre-existing beliefs of the natives. Frank Lynch defines Folk Catholicism as the combination of the culture of the Filipinos to the "usual" Catholic religious beliefs, and that is how Folk Catholicism is formed. To this day, Folk Catholicism is very much prevalent in the country, and in fact it can be regularly seen among the people. The biggest testament of which, is the appropriation of Catholic beliefs to Filipino culture can be seen in the way we celebrate our very own festivals in the Philippines and the way we celebrate known events like Lent, Christmas and even the Feasts of the Dead, all of these have become appropriated to the Philippine Culture to be centered around family and community solidarity. Ultimately, Lynch believed that the way Catholicism was appropriated...
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