Quezon City Case Study

Topics: Tax, Metro Manila, Philippines Pages: 5 (1370 words) Published: June 21, 2013

According to FDI, Quezon City is one of the:

Top 10 Asian Cities: Overall (7th place)
Asian Cities: Top 5 Best Economic Potential (5th place)
Asian Cities: Top 5 Most Cost Effective (3rd place)
From: FDI Magazine, http://www.fdimagazine.com/news/fullstory.php/aid/2228/Asian_Cities_of_the_Future_2007_08.html

World Bank:
“QC has been transformed from a bankrupt and disintegrating urban center into one of the cleanest and richest cities”

“Other Philippine cities can take a cue from QC which has boosted its collection from real estate tax and in turn used revenues for social spending.”

Quezon City has transformed from a debt-ridden city to become the richest city in the country, thus, these recognitions from international organizations. According to DILG, Quezon City has earned the Model of Good Governance as the city is the “best managed city”. In 2003, the city was also named “most livable community” by the Metro bank Foundation. The Commission on Audit cited that for the 2nd consecutive year in the Belmonte Administration, QC as the LGU with the highest net income in the Philippines. One of the most note-taking achievements during the first term of Mayor Belmonte was establishing a very strong financial position to pursue wide-scale development. (Quezon City: The Belmonte Administration 2003-2004) Quezon City is the largest of Metro Manila's cities in population and land area. At 160 square kilometers, it is an urban landscape spread over one-fourth of the Philippines' metropolitan area. Its expansive lands, reasonably priced real estate, strategic location and large consumer market are immediate plus factors for business. About one-third of its populations are less than 15 years old. Strengthening the capacity of its young population are about 65 colleges and universities, among them the prestigious University of the Philippines and the Ateneo de Manila University, and countless training centers and early childhood learning facilities. Its large consumer market and manpower pool has attracted close to 57,000 business establishments to locate in Quezon City. Finding the city a cost-effective location are business processes outsourcing (BPOs) companies, who find real estate values very competitive and areas available for business very expansive. Among the ICT companies that have chosen to expand in Quezon City are IBM, eTelecare, Convergys, SITEL and Sykes Asia.

I. Attitude Towards the Role and Function of Technology
In 2001, 5 years after a change in local administration, Quezon City transformed itself from a poorly performing, financially distressed authority into the premier metropolis of the Philippines’ national capital region. And how was it done. The answer is in technology itself. The city government’s mission is to “provide quality service which will make Quezon City an ideal community where people live, work and do business in a hospitable, progressive and peaceful environment.” In order to meet this, one of the factors that the mayor concentrated on was to eliminate graft and corruption in the bureaucracy. The automation or computerization of the tax collection process is one strategy that the mayor implemented. This type of technology will help to eliminate corruption as forgery and tampering of records will be difficult to do. Implementation of this technology will also speed up processes as it will reduce the manual paper works which will then result to faster service to the people and more time to allocate for other governmental projects for social and/or economic improvement. The city also adapts to the current trends of the society that technology is significant in the performance of an organization. A powerful argument for mechanization (computerization or automation), has been the assumption that other firms, and other countries, will mechanize, and that a firm that does not will go out of...
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