Questions on the Kite Runner

Topics: Hazara people, Afghanistan, Question Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Kite Runner
Chapter 5 & 6
1. Describe what happened to Amir and Hassan on their way to go and play by the tree.

Assef and his two friends, Wali and Kamal first threw a rock and hit Hassan in the back of the head. Amir was instantly scared since Assef and his two friends are the neighborhood bullies. Assef calls the boys fags and starts calling Hassan racial slurs and flat-nose. Amir is excluded from most of the abuse because Baba is his father. Hassan moves slightly behind Amir as if he was expecting Amir to protect him in some way, but Amir doesn’t. Assef tells the boys how the king is now gone and the president is now Daoud Khan, a friend of his father. He plans on telling the president “man to man” how he believes Hitler was a great leader, a man with a vision, and how if he had succeeded the world would be a better place. Assef tells the boys how people like Amir and Baba are a disgrace to Afghanistan by taking in people like Hassan and his father. He asks Amir how he could be friends with someone like Hassan. Amir doesn’t defend Hassan. Hassan ends up taking out his slingshot and aiming a rock at Assef’s face even though he is scared. He asks Assef to please leave them alone even referring to him as Agha, the way a servant refers to his betters. Assef attempts to further intimidate Hassan but it doesn’t work. Hassan asks again for him to please leave them alone with the same response from Assef. Hassan then threatens Assef that if he does not leave them alone his nick name could change from “the ear eater” to “one –eyed Assef”. It works and the boys are left alone after Assef lets the boys know that he will not forget what has happened and will make them face him face to face someday.

2. Describe Assef’s character and his beliefs.

Assef is the son of one of Baba’s friends. He is from an affluent family. His mother is German and his father Afghan. Assef towered over the neighborhood kids and was blonde haired and blue eyed. He had...
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