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Topics: United States Constitution, United States Senate, President of the United States Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: March 5, 2013
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Mollie Latella
Who wrote the Declaration of independence? – Thomas Jefferson Where was the constitutional convention held? – Philadelphia Who was the president of the constitutional convention?-George Washington Who is known as the father of the constitution?-James Madison How many people signed the constitution?- 39

Which was the ninth state to ratify the constitution?-New Hampshire The preamble lists the six ____ of the constitution?- Articles What does domestic tranquility mean?-For peace in america
What is posterity?- Future generations
What is federalism?-Sharing among state and federal governments Name the three branches of government-Judical, executive, and legislative Which amendments make up the bill of rights?-1 - 10
Which amendments give women the right to vote?- the 19th
What system keeps one branch from gaining too much power?-Checks and balances How many U.S senators are there?-100
How many members of the house?-435
How many Senators does each state have?-2
How many members does each state have in the House of Representatives?-based by population. How many supreme court judges are there?-9
Which are the qualifications for president?-Born in U.S/35 years old/lives in US for 14 years. How long is the presidents term?-4 years
How long is the senators term?-2 years.
How long is the term for the House of Representatives?-4 years How long does a Supreme Court judge serve?- for life until impeached or death Who is the head of the senate?- vice president
Who presides over the senate?- president pro tempore
Who is the head of the Supreme Court?-chief of justice
Who is the judge if the president is impeached?- the senate
How many terms can the president be elected too?-2
How many members are in the electoral college?- 500
How many electoral votes must you get for president?- 270
How many electoral votes did Illinois get?- 21
What date is inauguration day?- Sunday jan. 20th, 2013
What is voting age?- 18
What does appeal mean?-...
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