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Questions on the Basic Elements of Music

By aflyguy15 Sep 26, 2014 459 Words

Review Questions
1. What are the basic elements of music?
The basic music elements are pitch, rhythm, melody, timbre, dynamics and textures.

2. What is pitch?
A pitch is a organized pitches that have a pattern of intervals between thee creates scales.

3. What is syncopation? What types of music use syncopation? In music, syncopation includes variety of rhythms which in some way are unexpected in that they deviate from the strict succession of regularly spaced strong and weak but also powerful beats in a meter .

4. What are three examples of forms of music? Describe each form.

Strophic AAA, binary – AB ternary – ABA rondo - ABACA, arch - ABCBA

5. What is form in music? A Form of music is a basic structure. And every piece of music and overall the plan of structure.

Critical Thinking Questions
1. Music has sometimes been referred to as a "universal language." Why has this description been applied to music? Do you agree or disagree with this assessment? Why? Probably because people speak music. Like they use music to express their words. Like Beethoven was going deaf and he express his words in piano.

2. Why is musical notation important? What benefits do musicians and others receive from being able to write down and note aspects of a musical piece? Music notation is important because it represents the pitch of the song. To able to tell the how high and low to go.

3. In the first part of the module, we discussed how music is everywhere in society. What are some of the ways that we use music? How do you use music in your own life? I use music to exercise and use music to help me concentrate on school. Many people use music to keep them awake in the morning or many people use music to keep them happy and focused while driving.

4. Music can help influence the mood or feeling in a place by the way in which it is played. What is a specific example of this that you have experienced? Discuss the experience (what was the song? how was it played? how did the mood/feeling change?). For example, you might discuss an experience at a concert, religious service, or another place where music played a part in creating the mood. Music plays different types of moods. Like when I hear the song amazing grace is a sad song because it makes you think of past love ones. When you hear the song turn down for what it makes you want to dance around and feel happy. Like I was at a party with friends and we turned turn down for wat we dance crazy. And At my grandfathers funeral they put on aa song amazing grace.

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