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Quiz Review
Chapters 3-4 & 8

Chapter 3

1. The story about Wal-Mart at the beginning of Chapter 3 shows that successful marketers are the ones that ________. a. develop processes to track trends
b. diversify their product line
c. have low prices every day
d. satisfy their customers profitably
e. understand the environment

2. A set of procedures and sources that managers can use to obtain everyday information about developments in the marketing environment is called ________. a. a customer database
b. marketing intelligence system
c. target market segments
d. financial reports
e. market reports

3. A ________ is “unpredictable, short-lived, and without social, economic, and political significance.” a. fad
b. fashion
c. trend
d. megatrend
e. style

4. The major forces of the macro-environment that a firm must monitor include all of the following EXCEPT ________. a. demographic
b. economic
c. social-cultural
d. natural
e. promotional

5. The main demographic force that marketers monitor is ________. a. suppliers
b. competitors
c. communication (such as advertising)
d. government reports dealing with birth rates
e. population

6. _______ are groups of individuals who are born during the same time period and travel through time together. a. population mix
b. generation
c. cohort
d. friends for life

7. Toyota’s Prius is a good example of successful marketing that uses a. technological innovation
b. green concerns
c. functional engineering
d. all of the above

8. One of the main challenges of doing marketing research in China (p. 80, ) is a. intense competition
b. lack of accurate and complete information
c. licensing restrictions
d. language barrier

9. Green marketing studies show that by 2006, ___ of Americans worry about the environment a great deal or fair amount a. 33%
b. 50%
c. 77%
d. 90%

10. According to data presented in Table 3.4, most Americans watch videos watch on ______ a. internet
b. cell phone
c. VCR
d. MP3 player

Chapter 4
11. The main advantage of Gillette “Venus” shaver (for women) is a. better blades
b. superior grip and control
c. fashionable colors
d. long-lasting

12. The first step of the marketing research process is
a. Decide your product
b. Choose market
c. Define the problem
d. Isolate competitors

13. Primary data includes all of the following EXCEPT
a. surveys
b. focus groups
c. interviews
d. internet websites

14. A _____ is a group of 6-10 people selected to give feedback about a new product. a. interest group
b. demographic segment
c. focus group
d. random sample

15. Comcast Corp. surveys about 10,000 people each month and one of the main resusts of the survey was a change in a. installation schedule
b. programming guide
c. distribution of satellites
d. better customer service

16. To get “into consumers’ heads”, marketers use all of the following techniques EXCEPT a. word association
b. advertising
c. visualization
d. projective techniques

17. One of the main disadvantages of doing online research is a. inexpensive
b. convenient
c. versatile
d. samples are small and skewed

18. T or F: The “Star Wars” example illustrates the importance of providing marketing information to Hollywood.

19. Which of the following best describes the concept and importance of “marketing insight” as shown by IDEO’s experience? a. more information and data can produce better results
b. go with the crowd to maximize success
c. understand the deep “human factors” in consumer behavior d. focus on the financial bottom line

20. _____ refers to set of measures that helps them quantify, compare and interpret their marketing performance a. mixed marketing
b. demographics
c. marketing metrics
d. variables

Chapter 8:
21. Research that the ______...
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