Questions on Fever 1793

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Fever 1793

Chapter One

1. Describe what Mattie’s and her mother’s room, above the coffee house, looked like. 2. What is the simile on page 3?
3. Where was Mattie’s favorite place?
4. What does the phrase, “hurried downstairs before Mother boiled,” mean? What type of figurative language is this?

Chapter Two

1. What happened to Mattie’s father?
2. Who is Eliza? Describe her character.
3. Mattie’s first chore was to tend to the garden. Describe the garden. 4. Why didn’t Mother want Mattie to go looking for Polly?
5. Why was Polly late to the coffee house?

Chapter Three

1. Find an example of figurative language on page 14. What type is it? 2. Why didn’t Mother want Mattie to take a ham to Polly’s house? 3. Why didn’t Mother want Mattie to attend the funeral?
4. What angry words did Mattie scream at her mother?

Chapter Four

1. Describe the atmosphere of the coffee house by mid-afternoon. 2. Who was King George? To whom did he belong?
3. What did the customers think was spreading through Philadelphia? 4. What responsibilities did Mattie have to assume now that Polly was gone? 5. What mistake did Mother make as she put away the china?

6. After the house was silent, what was the only noise that Mattie heard?

Chapter Five

1. In chapter five, how many people in Philadelphia had died of yellow fever? 2. In order to help her mother rest, what errand did Mattie run for her mother? 3. According to the Eplers, why did people catch the fever?

4. Who took Mattie’s basket at the market? Why did he do this? 5. Why were the church bells rung?

Chapter Six

1. Who was Nathaniel Benson? Why didn’t Grandfather like him? 2. What did Mattie think they should do with the extra money from the coffee house? 3. Where did the fever come from thirty years ago?

4. What did the messenger tell Grandfather?
5. Why didn’t Mattie want to go to tea?
6. Why did Mattie finally give in and go to tea?

Chapter Seven

1. Who were the Ogilvie daughters? Describe them.
2. Why was Mattie so careful with her dress?
3. What was the real reason why Mattie didn’t speak French? 4. Colette was engaged to whom?
5. What did Jeannie say to Mother about Mother’s coffee house that was insulting? 6. At the end of the chapter, what did everyone think had happened to Colette?

Chapter Eight

1. What was the estimate of the number of people that would die in Philadelphia by the the time the fever was over?
2. Why did the Evans choose to close up shop?
3. What was always believed to kill the fever?
4. Who was dumped out of the wheelbarrow at the end of the chapter?

Chapter Nine

1. What clues were revealed that Mr. Rowley wasn’t a real doctor? 2. What are the symptoms of yellow fever?
3. In 1793, what was the common treatment of yellow fever?
4. Where was Eliza when Mother got really sick in the middle of the night? 5. Why did Mother refuse Mattie’s help and not let her into the bedroom?

Chapter Ten

1. How many ounces of blood a day did the doctor take from Mattie’s mother? 2. Why didn’t Mother want Mattie near? What was wrong with Mother? 3. Where did the family want Mattie to go in order to be safe from the fever? 4. Describe the gift Nathanial gave Mattie.

5. How long will Grandfather and Mattie stay away before they can return to the coffee house?

Chapter Eleven

1. What three things does a soldier need to fight?
2. Why did the wagon have to stop outside of town. Who were the men that stopped Mattie and her grandfather?
3. Find an example of hyperbole on page 80. What is it?

Chapter Twelve

1. How did Mattie make a pillow for Grandfather?
2. How did Mattie find water?
3. What did Mattie and Grandfather eat for strength?

Chapter Thirteen

1. Find an example of figurative language on page 88. What kind is it? 2. Why was Mattie so angry at herself?
3. Explain how Mattie attempted to catch a fish. Was she successful? 4. What normally happens to a person whose body temperature...
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