Questions on Engine Fuel and Fuel Metering Systems

Topics: Carburetor, Internal combustion engine, Fuel injection Pages: 7 (1989 words) Published: October 30, 2014
1. A reciprocating engine automatic mixture control responds to changes in air density caused by changes in Altitude or temperature
2. On a float-type carburetor, the purpose of the economizer valve is to Provide a richer mixture and cooling at maximum power output 3. The fuel metering force of a conventional float-type carburetor in its normal operating range is the difference between the pressure acting on the discharge nozzle located within the venture and the pressure Acting on the fuel in the float chamber

4. If the main air bleed of a float-type carburetor becomes clogged, the engine will run Rich at rated power
5. Which method is commonly used to adjust the level of a float in a float-type carburetor? Add or remove shims under the needle-valve seat
6. What is the possible cause of an engine running rich at full throttle if it is equipped with a float-type carburetor? Clogged main air bleed
7. One of the things a metering orifice in a main air bleed helps to accomplish (at a given altitude) in a carburetor is Better fuel vaporization and control of fuel discharge, especially at lower engine speeds. 8. A punctured float in a float-type carburetor will cause the fuel level to Rise, and enrich the mixture.

9. The back-suction mixture control system operates by
Varying the pressure acting on the fuel in the float chamber. 10. If an aircraft engine is equipped with a carburetor that is not compensated for altitude and temperature variations, the fuel/air mixture will become Richer as either the altitude or temperature increases.

11. Float-type carburetors which are equipped with economizers are normally set for Their leanest practical mixture delivery at cruising speeds and enriched by means of the economizer system at higher power settings. 12. If a float-type carburetor becomes flooded, the condition is most likely caused by A leaking needle valve and seat assembly.

13. If an engine is equipped with a float-type carburetor and the engine runs excessively rich at full throttle, a possible cause of the trouble is a clogged Main air bleed.
14. What occurs when a back-suction type mixture control is placed in IDLE CUTOFF? The float chamber will be vented to a negative pressure area. 15. Which of the following best describes the function of an altitude mixture control? Regulates the richness of the fuel/air charge entering the engine. 16. Select the correct statement concerning the idle system of a conventional float-type carburetor. The low pressure between the edges of the throttle valve and the throttle body pulls the fuel from the idle passage. 17. On an engine equipped with a pressure-type carburetor, fuel supply in the idling range is ensured by the inclusion in the carburetor of A spring in the unmetered fuel chamber to supplement the action of normal metering forces. 18. The economizer system of a float-type carburetor performs which of the following functions? It supplies and regulates the additional fuel required for all engine speeds above cruising. 19. How will the mixture of an engine be affected if the bellows of the automatic mixture control (AMC) in a pressure carburetor ruptures while the engine is operating at altitude? It will become richer.

20. The fuel level within the float chamber of a properly adjusted float-type carburetor will be Slightly lower than the discharge nozzle outlet.
21. The metered fuel pressure (chamber C) in an injection-type carburetor Is held constant throughout the entire engine operating range. 22. Select the statement which is correct relating to a fuel level check of a float-type carburetor. Do not measure the level at the edge of the float chamber.

23. What carburetor component measures the amount of air delivered to the engine? Venturi.
24. If a float-type carburetor leaks fuel when the engine is stopped, a likely cause is that the Float needle valve...
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