Questions: Big five Personality Traits and Effective Leaders

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Skill, Motivation Pages: 2 (345 words) Published: February 26, 2013


Q.1) What do you think Terry Leahy’s personality traits are for each of the Big Five dimensions of personality? Identify and justify with reference to the case.

Q.2) Considering the 9 narrow personality traits required of effective leaders, how would you rate Terry Leahy on all these 9 narrow traits (i-e which ones he rate high, medium and low)? Why? Justify?

Q.3) The first weakness he mentioned was his “Irish Temper”. Explain and justify whether Terry Leahy has a bad temper or not.

Q.4) Is Terry Leahy really modest. How do you remain that modest in spite of the success and the accolades? Does this man have no Ego?

Q.5) What type of Self concept does Terry Leahy have and how does it affect his business success? Does Terry Leahy posses a theory X or theory Y attitude?

Q.6) According to McClelland’s Achievement motivation theory, which of three needs Terry Leahy rates high, medium and low on? Justify.

Q.7) According to the 3M Leadership competency framework there are 12 competencies required of effective leaders (i-e 1) Ethics and Integrity 2) Intellectual Capacity 3) Maturity and Judgment 4) Customer Orientation 5) Developing People 6) Inspiring People 7) Business health and results 8) Global Perspective 9) Vision and Strategy 10) Nurturing Innovation 11) Building Partnerships and Alliances 12) Organizational Agility). Considering the above 12 competencies for effective leaders which ones Terry Leahy good at and which ones he is less good at and Why?

Q.8) Effective Leaders need to have skills and take actions on three different fronts i-e as strategists, as architects and as mobilizers (both internally and externally). Working through the case how would define Terry Leahy’s role as a strategist, as an architect and as a mobilizer.

Q.9) What evidence is there that Terry Leahy’s leadership has evolved over time? How has he developed his career?

Q.10) Identify some of challenges...
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