Questions and Answers on Privacy and Technology

Topics: Privacy, Privacy law, Surveillance Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: December 26, 2014

Chapter 5 Questions

1. (1 point) What is personal privacy and why is privacy difficult to define? Personal privacy can be described as personal information that is only for the individual and should not be violated or breached. Privacy is hard to define because there is no universally agreed upon definition of it. There are emphasis on the word basically covering ones having in privacy and ones having right to privacy.

2. (3 points) Describe some important characteristics that differentiate "accessibility privacy," "decisional privacy," and "informational privacy." Accessibility is defined in terms of ones physically being let alone, or freedom from the intrusion into ones physical space. Decisional is defined in terms of freedom from interference in ones choices and decisions. Informational is defined as control over the flow of ones personal information, including the transfer and exchange of that information.

3. (1 point) What does Roger Clarke mean by "dataveillance"? Why do dataveillance techniques threaten personal privacy? Clarke uses dataveillance to capture both the surveillance (data monitoring), and data recording techniques made possible by computer technology. It threatens personal privacy because it intrudes personal information by surveillance, and monitoring.

4. (1 point) What are Internet cookies, and why are they considered controversial from the perspective of personal privacy? Cookies are files that websites send to and retrieve from the computers of web users. Monitoring as well as recording a individuals activity while visiting a web site violates privacy. Also information gathered about a user via cookies can eventually be taken or sold to online advertising agencies.

5. (1 point) What is RFID technology, and why is it a threat to privacy? RFID- Radio Frequency Identification technology consists of a tag (microchip) which stores data, and it also has a reader which is similar to the tag in that it has an...
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