Questions and Answers on Analyzing Personality Traits

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1.      After viewing the Art of Mediation DVD, identify the John Rowan’s sub-personalities from your Reading Assignment for each disputant (Ann and Liz) and explain why you chose the particular sub-personality for each of the disputants. You are permitted to choose more than one sub-personality for each disputant. In addition, select your most predominant sub personality then provide a paragraph about how you believe this will influence your mediation style.

Ann-I believe initially before mediation she was "The Exploder"-she shouted back numerous times no matter the consequence and had a strong energy of frustration. She also was "The Please"-she wanted everyone to get along and maintain happiness in the business. She was "The Hurt Child"-her feelings were hurt when her life long friend wanted to end the business without her input. After mediation she became "The Warrior/Leader"-willing to find a solution to save her passion the business as well as her friendship.

Liz-She was definitely "The Exploder"-she on many occasions just let her emotions out with total disregard. She was also unpredictable and was capable of blowing up at any time. Sometimes she was downright frightening with her actions too. She was a bit "The Moaner"-numerous times being self righteous and complaining about everything as well as initially not interested in solutions. She was also "The Hurt Child"-storming out initially in the beginning when Ann was expressing her feelings. Seemed to be very unreasonable in the beginning as well as into the mediation process. After mediation she too became "The Warrior/Leader"-she had a wider perspective when she communicated with Ann. She was willing to support their new idea for the business as well as maintain her friendship with Ann.

I think the sub personality that I attribute myself to is "The Warrior/Leader". I believe this suits my personality and I would use in my business practice as well. I am productive, organized, and grounded which would be suitable for my style in mediation. I am a strategist and goal setter who always seek solutions in a sensible and rationale and fair way. I think this sub personality is beneficial in my practice as to answer what is mediation all about? Coming together to find sound solutions for people who are in conflict..

2.     Read the below case study then review Harris’s life positions from your Reading Assignment. Identify which life position each character in the case study displays with a full explanation for such selection.  

1. I'm Not OK, You're Not OK-position of futility, no way out, everyone is wrong, everyone is damned.

2. I'm Not OK, You're OK-there is something wrong with me, I do not deserve to be treated with respect and consideration, I will be motivated to get away from you, I will accept unachievable targets, take time off, drink too much, resign or self harm.

3. I'm OK, You're Not OK-there is something wrong with you, I do not need to treat you with respect or consideration.

4. I'm OK, You're OK-I am a valuable human being, I deserve respect and consideration and so do you, I am motivated to get along with you and I will go for what is right and fair for us both.

Johnson Rice-I'm OK, You're OK.... Johnson has always been a team player with a high work ethic and hoped to recruit those with the same mindset. He would often work late hours and weekends without pay to keep his new venture going.

Verily Masters-I'm OK, You're Not OK..... began to make a regular habit of belittling the other partners with her constant bragging about how her credentials as a nurse and her MBA made her the most valuable part of the business. Further she would constantly threaten the other partners that she would start her own business and get paid $300,000 per year without having to teach them all she knew about nursing.

Perry Klein-I'm Not OK, You're Not OK..... Perry also believed that he could take the same business...
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