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Questions about yourself

By StingZX May 19, 2014 323 Words
I am the one and only Me

1. What is unique about me?
_ I have a red (violet if I feel cold) birth mark on my right arm, which takes the shape of Pac-man (A video game character popular in 1980s) _ I have an imagination of a child yet do things in realistic ways _My DNA, mypersonality, my experience, my look and my way of thinking and doing things

2. What makes me special?
_ I have IQ level over 130, this doesn’t make me a genius but still enough to separate me from 90% population of the world _I’m not tall and well built but very athletic and extremly fast, which make me capable of surprising people who underestimate me _I’m an atheist and I believe fate is what human create and have control of _I’m sensitive about the feelings of others around me, especially for those I’m familiar with _I aware and acknowledge my weaknesses: introvert, may appear cold and taciturn toward people. I’m learning to correct those like how to win over people (which I find necessary for my future manager-self) and trying to be more approachable towards people. _I’m interested in psychology and find psychological take an important role in managing people which is necessary for a manager

3. What is costly to imitate about you?
_You will have to inflic two scars on your left eyebrown and chin if you want to look like me _Since I’m an atheist, if you want to be me, you will have to abandon your beliefs _My actions might be unpredictable sometimes so itn’t easy to copy me

4. What is non-substitutable about me?
_My love for my family
_The love of my family for me
_My devotion for my dearest friends
_Some friends I can trust them with everything I got
_All that make me the way I am now: 20 years of knowledge and experiences which shape my personalities

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