Questions About the Egan Theory

Topics: Cancer staging Pages: 4 (1019 words) Published: November 30, 2005
10. Egan has a bias toward "client action" in his model. What does this mean? (292-293)

Although clients set goals that are directly related to their problem situations, there are also metagoals or superoridnate goals that would make them more effective in pursuing the goals they set and in leading fuller lives. The overall goal of helping clients become more effective in problem management and opportunity development is important. Another metagoal is to help clients become more effective "agents" in life - doers rather than mere reactors, preventers rather than fixers, initiators rather than followers. The doer is more likely to pursue stretch goals rather than adaptive goals in managing problems. The doer is also more likely to move beyond problem management to opportunity development.

11. At what stage does the concept of "commitment" become highly relevant in Egan's model? (29-30)

Stage II is critical for client commitment, as it is the when determining outcomes occurs. In particular, Step II-C, the third step of Stage II is when it's important to help clients find the incentives that will help them commit themselves to their change agendas. Without strong commitment, change agendas end up as no more than nice ideas. For reference, Step II-A is to help clients use their imaginations to spell out possibilities for a better future. Step II-B is to help clients choose realistic and challenging goals that are real solutions to the key problems and unexplored opportunities identified in Stage I.

12. What does the phrase "the relationship as working alliance" mean in terms of Egan's model? (43-44)

Bordin defines the working alliance as the collaboration between the client and the helper based on their agreement on the goals and tasks of counseling. In the context of the problem-management and

opportunity-development process, the working alliance outlined is 1) the collaborative nature of helping - both parties have responsibilities to...
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