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Outsourcing is increasingly a component of a company’s HR Transformation strategy, be it tactical or strategic. As the number of success stories and lessons learned increases, stakeholder resistance to outsourcing is decreasing. One by one the traditional barriers to payroll outsourcing are being eliminated, as suppliers are offering more flexible solutions including pay-as-you-go options, pre-configured platforms and better integration with other HR modules. Solutions exist today for smaller, dispersed organisations, where previously this had prevented many global companies from fully embracing payroll outsourcing. Scope of Research

This research has two main parts. Firstly, this research will focus on the impact, condition and characteristics of outsourcing HR functions from an organisational point of view. Secondly, this research thesis will study the impact ofoutsourcing HR activities on employee attitudes.

outsourcing as a corporate decision seems to play an important strategic role in many organisations.

Hi, I am ISHWARYA.S , pursuing MBA in Gojan School of Business and Technology, Chennai, need your support in providing me with some information on the importance of HRIS in the organizations. This would enable me to complete my project for the partial fulfillment of my academics. Kindly spare your time from your hectic schedule and please duly fill the below questionnaire.

General Information:
Years of Experience in HR:      
Organization working with:      

1. Do you use HRIS [Human Resource Information System] in your organization? Yes No

2. Why do you use for HRIS in your organization? Please mention here:

3. What type of tool you use as...
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