Questionnaire for Catering Services

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This section is about the food in the cafeteria. The questionnaire will help us in determining the taste, preferences and satisfaction level of the employees. Your responses & opinions will contribute in designing a better module to ensure meal satisfaction and high quality of food service.

Details of the Organisation:

Details to be filled by Admin/HR Department:

1. The need for you to run the cafeteria.

a. Necessity because of complex working timing

b. Company’s goodwill

c. Motivational tool

d. To enhance productivity

2. Is cafeteria offering Yes No





3. Is the food items offered:

Portioned (limited) Unlimited

Breakfast Breakfast

Lunch Lunch

Snack Snack

Dinner Dinner

4. Who pays for the meal?

Company Self Partially

5. What is the average spending on- (in Rs)

Breakfast 20-30 30-40 40-50 50 and above

Lunch 40-50 50-60 60-70 70 and above

Snack 20-30 30-40 40-50 50 and above

Dinner 40-50 50-60 60-70 70 and above

6. Rate the following aspects as per their importance, the basis on which you choose a particular vendor (keeping in mind 1 is your first priority & 12 is your least priority)(1-Being least important, 2-of little important, 3-moderatly important, 4-important, 5-most important)

a. Quality of food b. Cleanliness of area c. Calorific value of food d. Professionalism e. On time delivery f. Price g. Hygiene of staff h. Taste i. Menu contents j. Certified kitchen k. Kitchen equipments l. Production capacity

7. What do you do for the quality checking after short listing the vendor?

Visit their kitchen Visit their existing clients

Food trial

If any other, please specify_______________________________

8. Your current service provider is a

a. National Service Provider

b. Regional Service Provider

c. Local Service Provider

9. Is your vendor certified to any of this:



c. ISO


10. Who is your present catering service provider?


11. Do you have separate meal plan for employees (Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian)?

Yes No

12. Do you have separate service counters for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food?

Yes No

13. a. Is there any arrangement of live kitchen?

Yes No

b. If Yes,...
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