Questionnaire: Currency Derivatives

Topics: Derivatives, Futures contract, Arbitrage Pages: 3 (364 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Questionnaire used for the survey: Preference of equity and commodity over Currency derivatives trading in India survey

Kindly spare some minutes to fill this form and be a part of real customer perception survey and support us to gain an insight about the preferences of Indian retail investors for trading in market and the reasons behind the existing popularity of currency derivative market in India.

1. Did you ever think of currency derivative market as trading option? Yes, I trade in currency market No, but planning to invest after performing research? Never, what is Currency Derivatives?

2. In which market do you trade? (Choose all that apply, skip if you do not trade) Equity Commodity Currency Derivatives

3. Rate your expertise in the market: (Choose one level for each)

Zero Commodity Currency derivatives Equity




4. Given Rs. 1000, how would you allocate the money among these investment options? (Allocation should add up to Rs. 100) • • • Shares Currencies Commodities ……... ……... ………

5. What kind of trader you are? (Choose the most preferred one for each market; skip if you do not trade)

Hedger Commodity Currency derivatives Equity



6. Choose and rate from 1 to 3 among the following attributes for each market. (Fill for only those market in which you trade)


Market volatility

Portfolio diversification



Commodity Currency derivatives Equity

7. Why do you think Indian retails investors have less preference towards currency derivatives market?

Strongly agree Not enough self knowledge Less popular among peers Lack of govt. initiatives




Strongly disagree

8. How effective would be the following factors to improve Currency derivative market of India? (Rate 1 for least effective, 5 for highly effective) • • • Improving investors knowledge Opportunity to trade in non-US currency futures...
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