Questionaire for Research Between Iphone or Blackberry as a Better Option

Topics: Mobile phone, Smartphone, Nokia Pages: 3 (311 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Name (Optional):_______________________
Gender Male ( ) Female ( )
Age (in years) below 20 ( ) 20-30 ( ) 30-40 ( ) 40-50 ( ) 50 and above ( ) Location Urban ( ) Rural ( )
Professional Qualification (Please specify)______ Post graduate()_ Graduate_()__ Q1. Do you have your own mobile phone?
a) Yes
b) No
Q2. How many mobile phones do you have?
a) 1
b) 2 or more
Q3. What brand is it?
a) Nokia
b) Blackberry
c) Iphone
d) Samsung
Q4. You often use mobile to?
a) Call
b) Sms
c) Wap (mobile internet)
d) MMS

Q5. What type of phone would you like to have?
a) Flap phone
b) Slide phone
c) Tough phone
d) Luxury fashion phone
e) Smart phone
Q6. What size would you prefer your screen to be?
a) Small ( 1 to 2.4 ) inches
b) Medium ( 2.5 to 3.5) inches
c) Large (3.6 to 4.4) inches
Q7. How important is the style & design of a mobile phone to you? a) Not important
b) Fairly important
c) Very important
Q8. How much would you willing to spend on a mobile phone?
a) 5000 – 10000
b) 10000 – 15000
c) 15000 - 20000
d) 20000 – 30000

Q9. Which mobile phone would you prefer in terms of applications offered? a) Blackberry
b) Iphone
Q10. Which phone is more user friendly?
a) Blackberry
b) Iphone
Q11. Which phone will you prefer for gaming?
a) Blackberry
b) Iphone
Q12. Which phone offers a better messenger service?
a) Blackberry
b) Iphone
Q13. Which phone has a better gravity call?
a) Blackberry
b) Iphone
Q14. Which phone is more professional in nature?
a) Blackberry
b) Iphone
Q15.  What parts of the "look and feel" of a mobile phone are important to you when choosing one ? "Feel free to rate more than one option" | 1 (Highest) | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (lowest) |...
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