Question Pattern of Strategic Management

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Question Pattern of Strategic Management for Final Exam

1. What are the major ways to reduce cost?

2. What is revamping and value chain? How can an organization revamp its value chain?

3. Under what circumstances is a cost leader ship, differentiation and a focus work best?

4. What are the pitfalls of cost leadership, differentiation and focused?

5. Distinguish between strategy alliance and joint venture

6. Advantage and disadvantages of strategic alliance and foreign partner

7. Advantage and disadvantages of various kinds of vertical integration

8. Advantage and disadvantages of outsourcing.

9. Difference between merger and acquisition

10. Six types offensive strategy

11. Various types of defensive strategy.

12. Advantages and disadvantages of fast movers strategy

13. Why does a company enter into a foreign market?

14. 6 entry strategy for enter into the foreign market.

15. Difference among – International, Multinational and globalization strategy.

16. Difference between Multinational and Transitional strategy.

17. Difference between Licensing and Finishing.

18. How can you make state alliance with foreign partner more effective?

19. What are the challenges in emerging, maturing and declining industries?

20. What strategy is appropriate in a firm emerging, maturing and declining industries?

21. What strategy is most effective for a market leader, runner-up firms and crises-ridden business?

22. When should a firm exit from an industry. Explain 3 exit strategies.

23. Difference between harvesting and divesting.

24. Difference between selling off and spinning off.

25. What are 3 test justifying a diversifying strategy

26. What is strategy fit and opportunity

27. Difference between related and unrelated diversification

28. What kind of company are primary target for unrelated diversification.

29. Difference between relative and absolute market share.

30. How can you measure industries effectiveness

31. Explain similarities and dissimilarities between BGC and Nine-cell matrix.

32. Replace and restructure……………..

33. 3 ways of Building a capable organization

34. How can a company enhance capability of employees?

35. List 5 traditional and 5 emerging organizational structure.

36. 5 steps of building organizational structure

37. What advantages and disadvantages of centralized and decentralized decision making

38. List 5 best management practices.

39. Difference between TQM and BPR.

40. Difference between CI and 6 sigma QC

41. What action should manager take to realized TQM and 6 sigma initiative?

42. What action can be taken to nudge people toward TQ supporting behavior?

43. What precocious should be followed in administrative reward system.

44. What guidelines should follows designing compensation and incentive system.

45. Difference between subculture and counter culture, strong and weak culture

46. What characteristics are unhealthy cultures?

47. How can you incorporate ethics and values in to an organization culture?

48. How can you enforce ethical behavior among employees?

49. What is MBWA?

50. What are the 6 steps in leading the strategy execution process?


Hero Honda Motors (India) Ltd.L Is it Honda That Made It a Hero? C-396

Kannan Ramaswamy, Thunderbird –The American Graduate School of International Management.

Rahul Sanchez, Thunderbird-The American Graduate School of Internal Management.


1. Log on to and search for information about Caterpillar’s strategy in foreign markets. Is the company pursuing a global strategy or a multicounty Strategy? Support your answer.

2. Assume you are in charge of developing the strategy for a multinational company selling products in some...
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