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Topics: Data warehouse, Data management, Metadata Pages: 11 (3510 words) Published: July 29, 2011
Model Question Paper Subject Code: BC 0058 Subject Name: Data Warehouse Credits: 4 Marks: 140

Part A (One mark questions)

1. When a large number of transactions are taken and stored to be dealt with at a later time without the presence of a user, the process is known as ……….. a. OLTP system b. batch processing. c. Data warehousing d. None of the above. 2. OLTP stands for a. Online Transaction Processing b. Offline Transaction Processing c. Online Transfer Process d. Offline Transfer Process 3. Who is the Father of Data Warehouse? a. Michael Reed b. Bill Inmon c. Ralph Kimball d.Dr.Rakesh Agarwal. 4. Which is not a type of data warehouse. a. Federated Data warehouse b. Distributed Data warehouse c. Real time Data warehouse d. Subject oriented Data warehouse 5. Which is not a Key Issue during data warehouse construction. a. Values and expectations.

b. Risk assessment. c. a & b both d.None of the above

6. The _____approach is to start by building individual data marts one by one. a. Top down b. Bottom up c. best-of-breed d.None of the above

7. _________ is known worldwide as an innovator, writer, educator, speaker and consultant in the field of Data Warehousing. a. Michael Reed b. Bill Inmon c. Ralph Kimball d.Dr.Rakesh Agarwal

8. With the ___________ approach, compatibility among the tools from different vendors could become a serious problem a. Top down b. Bottom up c. best-of-breed d.None of the above

9. The structure that brings all the components of a Data Warehouse together is known as the…….... a. Organization b. Architecture

c. System d. structure 10. Which data is supported by different database systems and operating systems and is the data from many vertical applications. a. Production Data b. Internal Data c. External Data d. Archived Data

11. Which applications are knowledge discovery systems where the algorithms help you discover trends and patterns from the usage of your data. a. Ad hoc b. MD analysis c. Data-mining d. EIS Feed

12. A __________ is a repository of data gathered from operational data and other sources that is designed to serve a particular community of knowledge workers . a. Data-Mining b. Data Mart c. Metadata d. Data warehouse

13. Which Data Model describes data from a high level. a. Logical b. Physical c. External d. Conceptual

14. Which technique is a discipline used to illuminate the microscopic relationships among data elements. a. Dimensional Modeling b. Star schema c. E-R modeling d. Data warehousing

15. The main purpose of ER modeling is a. To improve analysis for decision making b. To remove redundancy c. To record historical data d. All the above

16. Dimension modeling is represented using a. Snow-flake schema b. Star schema c. Fact constellation d. Granularity schema 17. Data extraction, transformation, and loading encompass the areas of data acquisition and ______ a. Data loss b. Data regain c. data storage. d. Data transfer

18. ________ presupposes a selection process and select the needed data based on the user requirements. a. Data extraction

b. Data transformation c. Data loading d. data storage

19. _______ implies physical movement of the data from the computer storing the source database to that which will store the data warehouse database, assuming it is different. a. Extraction b. Transformation c. Loading d. Storing

20. Which of the following is not the type of data loading a. Initial Load b. Incremental Load c. Full Refresh d. decremental load

21. The state of completeness, validity, consistency, timeliness and accuracy makes data appropriate for a specific use. a. Data warehouse b. Data mining c. Data quality d. Data mart

22. ____refers to the methods of automatically identifying objects, collecting data about them and entering data into the data warehouse a. Data capture b. Data Integration

c. Data Profiling d. Data Cleansing 23. Which is not a popular OLAP tool a. Business Objects b. Cognos c. SAS/OLAP...
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