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Topics: Person, Serenity Prayer Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: December 4, 2013
QBQ By John G. Miller

IQ- Incorrect questions
These are the questions that often pop into our minds first and tend to be negative. They point fingers and are not helpful in resolving problems.
"Who dropped the ball?"
"Why didn't they take core of that?"
QBQ- Better, more accountable questions.
These are the questions that are often behind the IQs. You may have to really think to get these questions to the fore front of your mind.
"What can I do to make sure you can get that done next time?"
"How can I support the team better?"
"how can I adapt better?"
"How can I better understand the situation?"
"What solution can I provide?"
"What can I do to get more information to make a better decision?" QBQs should begin with what or how. They should contain I. They should also focus on action. When we are in the middle of a situation, we need to not be a victim. Things are always going to happen at work and in our personal lives. If we allow ourselves to become victims then we won't be able to come up with good solutions. Stress is a choice, contrary to popular belief. Stress is a result of our actions. we can choose how we react to the things going on around us. We can to choose to be positive and make decisions to make the situation better or choose to let the situation take control and stress us out. "When" questions lead to procrastination on the individuals part. When we are waiting on someone else to do something, we are then becoming inactive ourselves. Along with this "who" questions lead to blame. We must first ask the questions about what we should have done to make the who go away. People are always talking about succeeding outside the box... Lets work on succeeding inside the box! Lets not focus on having more people, more money or more time. How about hitting target and goals with what we have and making the most of the situation. Another syndrome is the we/they syndrome. This is where groups, departments, regions, stores or...
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