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Topics: Finite element method, Direct stiffness method, Structural analysis Pages: 759 (91286 words) Published: April 4, 2013
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Finite Element Analysis was developed as a numerical method of stress analysis, but now it has been extended as a general method of solution to many complex engineering and physical science problems. As it involves lot of calculations, its growth is closely linked with the developments in computer technology. Now-a-days a number of finite element analysis packages are available commercially and number of users is increasing. A user without a basic course on finite element analysis may produce dangerous results. Hence now-a-days in many M.Tech. programmes finite element analysis is a core subject and in undergraduate programmes many universities offer it as an elective subject. The experience of the author in teaching this course to M.Tech (Geotechnical Engineering) and M.Tech. (Industrial Structures) students at National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, Surathkal (formerly, K.R.E.C. Surathkal) and to undergraduate students at SDM College of Eingineering and Technology, Dharwad inspired him to write this book. This is intended as a text book to students and as an introductory course to all users of finite element packages. The author has developed the finite element concept, element properties and stiffness equations in first nine chapters. In chapter X the various points to be remembered in discritization for producing best results is presented. Isoparametric concept is developed and applications to simple structures like bars, trusses, beams and rigid frames is explained thoroughly taking small problems for hand calculations. Application of this method to complex problems like plates, shells and nonlinear analysis is introduced. Finally a list of commercially available packages is given and the desirable features of such packages is presented. The author hopes that the students and teachers will find it as a useful text book. The suggestions for improvements are most welcome. DR S.S. BHAVIKATTI

The author sincerely acknowledges Dr C.V. Ramakrishnan, Professor, Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Delhi for introducing him the subject finite element analysis as his Ph.D. guide. The author thanks the authorities of Karnataka Regional Engineering College, Surathkal (presently National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, Surathkal) for giving him opportunity to teach this subject to M.Tech. (Industrial Structures and Geotechnical Engineering) students for several years. He thanks SDM College of Engineering and Technology, Dharwad for the opportunity given to him for teaching the course on FEA to VII semester BE (Civil) students. The author wishes to thank his M.Tech. Students Madhusudan (1987), Gowdaiah N.G. (1987), Parameshwarappa P.C. (1988), Kuriakose Mathew (1991), Vageesh S.M. (1991), Vageesh S.V. (1992), Manjunath M.B. (1992), Siddamal T.V. (1993), Venkateshan Y. (1994), Nagaraj B.N. (1995), Devalla Lakshmi Satish (1996) and Ajith Shenoy M. (1996) for carrying out their M.Tech thesis work under his guidance. Thanks are also due to clerical assistance he got from Mrs. Renuka Deshpande, Sri. R.M. Kanakapur and Sri. Rayappa Kurabagatti of Department of Civil Engineering of SDM College of Engineering & Technology, Dharwad in preparing the manuscript. He acknowledges the help rendered by Sri...
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