Question and Teacher

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A story about my favorite teacher She is my teacher and also my second mother. If someone asks me who my best teacher is, I will say that. Her name is Kathy. Today I will tell you a story about her life, what experiences she got base on what I interviewed her. She lives in Vietnam right now so I have to call her but we had a wonderful conversation. When I asked her what the best advice she has ever gotten is, she laughed and said, “become a teacher”. She told me a whole story about why she became a teacher. She graduated from a popular university but she could not find the way for her life. She did not know who she would be and what she could do. And one day her father came and talked to her “why don’t you become an English teacher, you love English, don’t you? She thought about that advice and one day she told herself “why not”. And that is why she becomes a teacher. She is an English teacher but she love to read novel, especially novel about young love. She is reading a Chinese novel right now name “Do you like America?” Even though she is 35 years old but she looks like a teenager and she really is. I love that book too so we had talked about it. “Do you like America?” is a wonderful book about young love. A young lady with two love stories and both of the guys go to American to study and leave her alone. After 4 years they all come back and want to marry her. She is put in hard situation and finally she choses the one she wants to marry when she was a child. My teacher and I also talked about men and women. What she most admires in a woman is the talent. She said a woman can be a good employee and also can be a good mother which rarely in a man. She has two kids and she understands how hard to take care of two children, feed them, teach them and also clean house do laundry because men in my country do not have to do all those things. She admires that almost women...
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