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Study guide for engineering
Start of school year (or catching up)
Read the syllabus
Read the intro and summary of each chapter of the recommended book (yes, this is hard and tedious but you’ll know your shit) Compare the syllabus with the textbook
Ask for the office hours
Get to know at least 2 people in your class (useful for getting notes and stuff, make sure you do the same for them, though) Check all deadlines and dates relevant
Gather supplies now
Before each class
If you are thinking of skipping it, do a cost-benefit analysis: basically, how long will you have to study by yourself to make up for it. If it’s more than the class takes, go Get there 5 minutes early

Verify your position in the discipline’s study plan
Read the previous chapter and the chapter you’re on. If short on time, read only the first and last paragraph Write questions down about the subtitles. Ask them to the teacher if they aren’t answered during the lesson Examine images carefully

Write down new words and concepts
Try to make a connection to the previous lesson
During class
On each page of notes leave a space on top (for a summary) and a side bar to add an outline later Copy every sample-problem, with all the intermediate steps
Note: bog ideas/concepts, images and legends and all that is repeated Do not worry about presentation, just keep your notes minimalist even if it takes up more paper Ask questions
After class
Fill “empty spots” in your notes and clear up doubts asap Use your personal system of processing info to organize it (do you like flashcards, plain notes?) Try to connect new info with previous knowledge

Write down the summary
Think what the purpose of this lesson was: which principles were applied and to which problems? Add the outline to your notes
Think up aditional questions
Try to get a head start on your homework
Read again the chapter in study and do it actively (underline, ask questions and shit) and relate it to your homework Study
Before getting started make sure you have all you need
The hours you have pre-designated for study must be sacred! (video games and outing with friends should be re-scheduled to your free time) Learn things ONCE by asking the question “why?” repeatedly until you truly understand shit No multitasking with music or TV (do what works best for you but I work best in complete silence of lyric-less upbeat music in a low volume) Organize knowledge in webs where concepts connect instead of boxes where they are by creating connections with pictures and examples. If needed, force it with a stupid metaphor Do not “go study”: have specific tasks you want to accomplish like solving a list of 5 problems or reading one chapter. Put a deadline on it too Pay attention to the environment before you start: is it right? Examine furniture, supplies and noise. You can’t concentrate right in a wobbly chair Work over the same content in different ways: read, rewrite, summarize Rewrite your notes in small sets for easy reviewing

Study in small chunks of time with breaks (pomodoro?)
When in break, get up, move and be social
Make mini-guides with the answers to all the questions about a certain subject. It makes for easy reviewing Make a formula guide/sheet for each course
At the end of each study session: review, ask stuff, read, read aloud, test yourself about it Or just read, rewrite and read what you wrote
Verify your dominion over a theoretical fact by stating it, explaining why and connecting it with other ideas. List a typical problem featuring it and how it helps solve it Break it down in simpler and simpler terms until you can explain to someone who doesn’t know shit about it like an arts major or something Keep in mind the forgetting curve and schedule review sessions accordingly. Repeat each content the day itself, the following day, week and month. This means each day you should review stuff you were taught yesterday, last week and last month Assignments

Make a list of goals
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