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Question and Marks

By deadmantariq Jan 25, 2014 622 Words
30 periods
Qs 1-3 This section will have three unseen passages of a total length of 600 words. The arrangement within the reading section is as follows:
Q 1&2: Five Multiple Choice Questions on each passage carrying 5 marks 1 mark for each questions. Q 3: Five Supply Type Questions carrying 5 marks on each passage. Out of the 15 marks, 3 marks will be for vocabulary. The questions will test inference, evaluation and analysis. The passages may be extracts from poetry/ factual/ literary/ discursive texts. At least one passage will be an extract from a poem.

40 periods
Q 4 Letter Writing: One out of two letters (formal/informal/email) in not more than 120-150 words based on verbal stimulus and context provided.
Types of letter:
• Informal - personal, such as to family and friends etc.
• Formal - letters to the editor / the principal of a school etc. • Email - formal or informal 6 Marks
Q 5 Writing an article, speech or debate based on a visual or verbal stimulus in not more than 120 words (One out of two). 6 Marks
Q 6 Writing a short composition in the form of story or report for a school magazine of minimum 80 words (One out of two). 3 Marks99
45 Periods
This section will assess Grammar items in context for 15 marks. v This section will carry five questions of three marks each v Out of five questions two questions (question 7 and 8) carrying 6 marks will have MCQs of three marks each .The test types for MCQs include:

Q. 7. Gap filling
Q. 8. Sentence completion/Dialogue completion
Questions 9, 10 and 11(carrying 3 marks each ie total 9 marks) will be based on response supplied by students. (Supply Type Questions)
These test types which will not be tested as MCQs include
Q. 9. Sentence reordering
Q. 10. Editing / Omission
Q. 11 Sentence transformation (including combining sentences) The Grammar syllabus will include the following areas in class IX: 1. Tenses
2. Modals (have to/had to, must, should, need, ought to and their negative forms) 3. Use of passive voice
4. Subject - verb concord
5. Reporting
(i). Commands and requests
(ii). Statements
(iii). Questions
6. Clauses:
(i) Noun clauses
(ii) Adverb clauses of condition and time
(iii) Relative clauses
7. Determiners, and
8. Prepositions
Note: No separate marks are allotted for any of the grammar items listed above.100 SECTION D: TEXT BOOKS 25 Marks
95 periods
Beehive and Moments (NCERT)
Q12. and Q13. Two extracts for reference to context (based on prose or play). These extracts would require effort on the part of the students to supply the responses.
Up to one mark in each extract will be for vocabulary. At least one question will be used for testing local and global comprehension and one question will be on interpretation.
The extracts will carry 4 marks each. 3+3=6 Marks
Q 14 One out of two reference to context stanzas (based on poetry) followed by 3 questions to test local and global comprehension of the set text.These passages would require effort on the part of students to supply the responses. 3 Marks

Q15. Five out of six short answer type questions based on Beehive and Moments (three each) to test local and global comprehension of theme and ideas (30-40 words each)- 2 marks each. 2x5=10 Marks Q16. One out of two long answer type questions extrapolative in nature from Beehive and Moments. (Upto 80 words) (One from each). 6 Marks

Novel/Long Reading Text 5+5=10 Marks
Q 17 Types of Questions:
Global questions on theme and plot involving interpretation and inference 5 Marks Q 18 One out of two character sketches in 100 words 5Marks
Prescribed Books
1. Beehive - Textbook for Class IX Published by NCERT
2. Moments - Supplementary Reader for Class IX Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi Novel/Long Reading Text
3. Gulliver's Travel - 2005 (unabridged edition) Jonathan Swift 4. Three Men in a Boat - 1889 (unabridged edition) Jerome K. Jerome

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