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Action Race: This is a fun game using actions.  Use actions like jump, hop, clap, run etc.  Have the Ss split into two teams and sit in lines with a chair by each team and one chair at the other end of the room.  One S from each team stands next to their chair and T calls an action, e.g. "Jump".  Ss must jump to the chair on the other side of the room and back, sitting down in their chair Ss say "I can jump". First one to do it gets their team a point.  (Submitted by Gareth Thomas). Airplane competition: First, have your Ss make some paper airplanes.  Stand the Ss in a line and let them test fly their planes.  For the competition, assign different classroom objects points (e.g. table 5 points, door 10 points, trashcan 20 points).  Ask a S a question and if s/he answers correctly then s/he can throw and try to hit one of the target objects to win points.  This works well as a team game.  Art Gallery: This is a great activity for reviewing vocab.  Draw enough squares on the board for each S to be able to draw in.  Have the Ss write their names above their squares.  T calls out a word and the Ss draw it (could be simple nouns e.g. "dog, bookcase, train", verb structures e.g. "draw a man running, eating cake, sleeping") or adjectives ("draw a big elephant, an angry lion, an expensive diamond ring").  For each S give a score for his/her picture, and then move on to the next picture.  The S with the highest score at the end is the winner..   B |

Backs to the Board Game: This one is good for higher level kids.  Make two teams and stand one S from each team in front of the board, facing away from it.  Write a word or draw a picture on the board (e.g. "hamburger") and the Ss have to explain that word to their team member (e.g. you can buy it in McDonalds, it's got cheese and ketchup in it).  The first S out of the two standing in front of the board to guess the word wins a point for his/her team. Banana Race: Children just love this!  It is basically a QUIZ game in which you ask children questions (Target Vocabulary) like: "What's this? What fruit is red and round? How many chairs are there in the classroom?" or the T simply draws items on the board, makes animal noises so that they guess.  You can work with Ss or split the class into small groups/teams if you have a large class.  The T draws on the board a race track and each team or S will be a BANANA waiting at the Starting Line.  They will approach the Goal line as they answer each question.  Each right answer equals a step towards the Goal Line.  The BANANA who arrives there first, WINS!  (Submitted by Salvador Domingo). Basketball: Ss take a shot at the trashcan/box/etc.  First ask a question to S1.  If s/he answers correctly then s/he can have a shot at the basket.  If the S gets the ball in the basket then s/he wins 2 points.  If the S hits the basket without going inside then s/he wins 1 point.  The person who gets the most points is the winner.  This can also be played in teams. Bet you can't: This game can be played in millions and millions of different ways, and essentially it's just this: go to the toy store and buy toy money.  Give each student the same amount of money at the start.  Have the students bet each other that they can't do something - like this: make each S stand up and walk around.  Have them say, "I bet you can't (e.g. count to 20, run around the room 5 times, sing the ABC song. etc.)".  Get the Ss to bet using the toy money.  You'd be surprised how much even adult students enjoy this game.  (Submitted by nadav) Bingo: Can be played with numbers, letters, pictures or even words. The winner is the first to either get a line or or full house. Blind Toss: Have Ss sit down in a circle.  Place a mat on the floor with numbers and a flashcard (target vocabulary) on each number.  Taking turns, each S gets blindfolded and tosses a beanbag so as to hit a number.  S/he must call out that word the same number of times as the number indicates.  For example:...
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