Question and Fellow Girl Scouts

Topics: Question, Interrogative word Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: May 7, 2007
The characters in Z.Z. Packer's story "Brownies," are all distinct and unique in their very own way. Though some of the characters are round, others seem to have more flat characteristics that make them blend into the natural atmosphere in which the story takes place.

For example, the narrator in the story, "Snot," tries to blend in while she is at the camp site. She states, "I wanted nothing more than to be through with it all: the bus ride, the troop, school-all of it" (Packer 358). With this statement, Snot, or Laurel as she is really named, lets the reader know that she tries wants to get away from the over dramatic girls of her Brownie troop. Also to be accepted by her fellow Girl Scouts. Even though she is the narrator, she can also be considered a flat character; the reader doesn't learn a lot about her but we also learn to have compassion and empathy for her situation.

The reader is also able to see that the way the characters are treated affect the way they act overall. For example, Laurel says "It was the first time anyone had asked my opinion, though I knew they were just asking because they were afraid" (356). This shows the reader that our narrator is often overlooked and ignored. The one time someone asked for her thoughts on what was going on, she said very confidently "I say we go inside, just to see what's going on" (356). Her actions seem very believable and understandable.

Even though Laurel is more of an observer in the story, she has thoughts and feelings on everything that is going on. She also acts as a foil to Arnetta.
Arnetta is sort of the story's antagonist. She is completely opposite from Laurel in the sense that she wants to fight the girls from troop 909 and also cause trouble with the other girls. She is very commanding and manipulative. For example, she is the instigator of drama in the story. She convinces Daphne that she heard girls from the other troop calling her a very derogatory racist term. While nudging Daphne...
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