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The ODYSSEY PART: in the PRENTICE HALL Gold Edition Textbook: ASSIGNMENTS and DIRECTIONS on-line and in student’s binders:

HW MONDAY night, 3/19.  INTRODUCTION: Read + take 1-page of Test-Review Notes on lined paper (or type them) for pages 641-646; copy definitions/lists as found on pages: EPIC POEM, EPIC HERO, CONCEPTS/top/p.643.    

HW TUESDAY, 3/20: Read "Sailing from Troy," 647-648.  In 3-4 sentences, TYPE responses to questions: #1,3, 4. [Optional Extra quiz: Cornell notes.]

HW WEDNESDAY, 3/21: Read "The Lotus Eaters," 649-650; in 3-4 sentences each,  #2,3,6. [Optional Extra quiz: Cornell notes.]

HW THURSDAY-SUNDAY: 3/22 3/25. Read the ENTIRE "Cyclops" story (p.650-662). • Get a Parent Signature at the END of your Cornell Notes @ 4 sides of paper. • As you use write your Cornell Notes, try to “answer’” the following questions: 5W’S’ PLOT; CONFLICT. o PLOT: LIST and NUMBER in proper sequence all the major events of the CYCLOPS story. [PLOT=sequence of events.] o CONFLICT: the foundation of plot. In 1-2 well-constructed sentence(s), summarize the main CONFLICT of the CYCLOPS story from Odysseus’ point o of view. [One major CONFLICT is that Odysseus DESIRES______________. One specific OBSTACLE he faces is______________; One STRATEGY he uses is__________________. The OUTCOME is_____________. A second desire is (etc) o 5 W's: In ONE sentence, answer/identify the 5W’s of this story WITHOUT using the words WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, or WHY.

HW Monday, 3/26/12:
Reread/take an additional page(1) of Cornell Notes on "The Cyclops," pp. 650-657; in 3-4 sentences EACH, complete as many questions of #s 1-4, 6, as you can do based on the pages reread.

HW Tuesday, 3/27/12: Reread/take an additional page(1) of Cornell Notes on the ending, "The Cyclops," 658-662; in 3-4 sentences each, complete the remainder of the questions of #s 1-4, 6. HW Wednesday, 3/28/06: Read/take notes on "The Land of the Dead," 662-667; in...
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