Question and Backyard

Topics: Question, Rhetorical question, Poetry Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: June 6, 2006
Welcome eveyone to the poetry festival-perspectives on Autralian cultural identity. I chose to present this concept through works of John Tranter. An amazing poet who presents his ideas about life through words, especially poetry. I will be using two of his poems. Debbie and co and backyard. I wil base most of my ideas on Debbie and co and refer to Backyard

The poem Debbie and co is set on a public pool on a Sunday afternoon and backyard is based on a family or two having a barbeque in the backyard. Two typical things Australians would do. Through these activities John Tranter tries to show the tranquil nature of Australian culture and Australians laid back attitude towards life.

This is shown in both poems in many ways. If we look through Debbie and co the first line says the council pool is chockablock. This gives the poem a specific setting. John tranter used collaqiual language here in order to emphasize the lack of space at the pool area. This is unlike backyard where the poem never mentions about amount of people. In backyard it says ¡°the god of smoke listens idly in the heat to the barbeque sausages speaking the language of rain deceitfully as their fat dances¡± Here John tranter uses personification of the smoke as a godly figure and the sausages fat talking and dancing as it is heated on the barbeque. This helps with the imagery where the reader would imagine the smoke rising above the sausages like a godly figure as if it is looking down on the sausages. This is very similar in the way John tranter says in Debbie and co, ¡°awash with bubbles and chlorines chemical gossip.¡± And ¡°the piss-tinted water slaps the tiles¡± This again is the use of personification which helps with the reader imagining the visuals and sounds of a particular scene.

In backyard, there are not as many people interacting with each other. This can lead to the second line in Debbie and co where it says ¡°with greek kids shouting in italian¡± through this line John...
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