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Chapter 4 Questions
a Advertising has been a focal point of criticism for many decades. In your opinion, what are some of the key factors that make advertising controversial? Advertising, in my opinion, can often be controversial if it hits too close to home. People do not like to see the bad things that may happen to them and when that is portrayed in advertising they often don’t know how to take it. Advertising can be controversial if it isn’t g rated. Some people are very cautious about what their kids watch and they don’t want their kids watching “filth”. b You have probably been exposed to hundreds of thousands of advertisements in your lifetime. In what ways does exposure to advertising make you a better or worse consumer? The constant exposure to advertising makes me a better consumer for the companies whose ads I see daily. Constant exposure makes me feel like I know the product before even trying it so when I’m in the store I’ll buy it if I need it almost without any hesitation. c One type of advertising that attracts the attention of regulators, critics, and consumer advocates is advertising directed at children. Why is it the focal point of so much attention? Do you think kids are particularly vulnerable – or do they know what advertising is all about? This is the focal point of so much attention because people tend to be very cautious about what information their children receive. Children, especially small children, are like sponges and retain almost anything they see. I think kids are vulnerable to advertising because they are the easiest to target and they have no clue what’s going on besides the fact that they like what they see on TV. d What are the pros and cons of database marketing, and what can consumers do to protect themselves and their privacy from unwanted or intrusive advertising and promotion campaigns? Some pros of database marketing would be; marketers would have a better idea of exactly who their target audience is, it...
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