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Topics: Motivation, Emotion, Intelligence / Pages: 6 (2119 words) / Published: Oct 31st, 2014
A. Multiple Choice ( 1 point each, 30 points in total) 1. The word big is flashed on a screen. A mental picture of the word big represents a __________ code the definition large in size represents a __________ code sounds like pig represents a ________code. (C) A.structural phonemic semantic B.phonemic semantic structural C.structural semantic phonemic D.phonemic structural semantic 2. Carl Rogers is to ________, as Abraham Maslow is to ________. (B) A. social cognitive humanistic B. unconditional positive regard hierarchy of needs C. environmental psychological D. free will externally controlled 3. Miles is listening as his mother rattles through a list of 15 or so things that he needs to remember to pack for an upcoming trip. According to George Miller, if Miles doesnOt write the items down as he hear them, he will probably remember (D) A.fewer than 5 items from the list. B.about 10 to 12 items from the list. C.all the items from the list. D.5 to 9 items from the list. 4. Which statement best represents current evidence on the durability of long-term storage (C) A.All forgetting involves breakdowns in retrieval. B.LTM is like a barrel of marbles in which none of the marbles ever leaks out. C.There is no convincing evidence that all ones memories are stored away permanently. D.All long-term memories gradually decay at a constant rate. 5 . Overlearning (D) A.refers to continued rehearsal of material after the point of apparent mastery. B.promotes improved recall. C.should not be done, since it leads to increased interference. D.does both a and b. 6. The 2-year-old child who refers to every four-legged animal as doggie is making which of the following error (B) A.underextension B.overextension C.overregularization D.underregularization 7. Based on the work with Kanzi, which statement best summarizes the current status of the research on whether chimps can learn language (D) A.Chimps can acquire the use of symbols but cannot combine them into sentences

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