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Explain TPS, OSS, KWS, DSS, MIS, ESS, find in order associated to these systems from Internet and find how a lot of companies provide such type of system about the globe. Name top 5 companies who provide such system also enlist the capability of these systems. Match up to different vendor who provide each type of systems with high opinion to the functionalities and capability of these system. ANSWER:

Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) are basic business systems that carry out and support daily routine transactions at level I (please see Preface for foreword to Requisite association, if you are not familiar with the notion of requisite band). Examples of such system include order giving out system or machine control. TPS support the majority big business function in most connection and are often very serious for the big business Office Automation Systems (OAS) is under fire at meeting the knowledge needs of statistics workers who are concerned in information use, manipulation or distribution. Typical OAS handles and manages documents, preparation and communication. They support work at the lowly two strata. Knowledge Work Systems (KWS) are information systems that aid information workers in the creation and integration of new information at strata II−III. Examples of KWS include various knowledge bases, knowledge-intensive teamwork systems and design workstations. Management Information Systems (MIS) serve the functions of preparation, controlling, and executive at the departmental (Stratum III) and functional (Stratum IV) management levels. These systems are designed to report on existing operation and to support structured managerial. They are listening carefully primarily on internal rather than outside events and historical data rather than future projection. Decision-Support Systems (DSS) join internal information from TPS and MIS with information from external sources and apply analytical model and tools to support semi structured and...
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