Question 1: Understand the Importance of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. 1.1: Explain What Is Meant by: • Diversity • Equality • Inclusion

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For most of us, treating people equally and appreciating people's differences is the basis of being a good citizen. This has to be learnt from a very early stage so that children can understand that no matter what differences people may have, we have to still be treated equally.

Diversity means difference between people etc... With diversity, we understand that although people have things in common with each other, they are also different and unique in many ways. Diversity is about recognizing and valuing those differences. Diversity therefore consists of factors, which include personal information such as background, culture, personality in addition to the characteristics that are protected under discrimination legislation in terms of race, disability, gender, religion and belief, sexual orientation and age. By recognizing and understanding our individual differences and embracing them, and moving beyond simple tolerance, we can create a productive environment in which everybody feels valued.
Equality means treating people in a way that is appropriate for their needs. For example, if we are in a childcare environment and there is a child in a wheelchair and we are doing an exercise which includes physical activity, we still involve the child by doing exercises that the child can participate in for instance stretching with hands and passing the ball to each other in a way that he can pass the ball as well etc.., it would be no good saying to him, “you cannot do this activity because you are in a wheelchair”. This will only make the child feel unwanted and helpless to do anything and this is the beginning for may other mental problems to begin for the child. Equality is very important for everyone to understand from a very young age because everybody deserves a chance to be equal and have the same opportunities as everybody else.
Inclusion means giving children with special needs and their parents or caregivers the same opportunities to learn, enjoy and

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