Queens Inn Assignment

Topics: Information systems, Atlantic Ocean, Information Systems Research Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: March 6, 2012
The Queen`s Inn _Assignment 1

The table of information supplied, regarding the business activities of the Queen’s Inn, located on the Atlantic Ocean in St. John’s, Newfoundland, revealed much information. The following report will discuss the current business situation and will be followed by recommendations for change. These proposed changes will mainly deal with changes to the Inn’s present business strategies that will insure future profitability. Also reviewed will be modifications to the supplied database to enhance its efficiency and usefulness. Currently, the Inn is performing relatively well, however, based on historical data within the supplied database, a number of reports have identified important information about what is currently working, and more importantly, what areas need to be considered for future change. Based on the reports, “Avg No of Visitors per Room Type” and “Avg Length of Visit per Room Type”, it would appear that the Inn’s strongest customer base consists of groups larger than 3 people who stay an average of 5.5 nights and are renting the Side Street view rooms. However, this information alone is very misleading. Three additional reports, “Room Type Occupancy”, “Base Income per Room”, and “Avg Income per Room Type per Night”, shed much light on exactly where its strengths lie. For instance, occupancy for the 3 Room Types show that the 10 Ocean view rooms have a 100% occupancy rate, while the 10 Bay view rooms rate at 80% and the 10 Side view at only 40%. As well, base income shows the Ocean view rooms account for well over half of the total income and average $254 per room per night while the Bay view and Side Street view average $155 and $127 respectively. As for who is renting these rooms, it can be speculated that it would be mostly couples taking advantage of the Romantic Weekend Getaways. Typically speaking, those seeking business and family...
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