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By Jumar-Verzosa Aug 06, 2015 367 Words
People nowadays; especially women are having a desire and passion to have straighter, shinier and more efficient hair that they could be proud of…… So, our group explores and put some knowledge to the test to come up with an experimental study of comparing mayonnaise-sprite solution and a certain product and determine which on could show satisfaction among women. Then, we simply conducted a comparative study of cream silk and mayonnaise-sprite solution….

As our generation advances to move forward…women are having a great passion and are craving to have spontaneous-looking hair. And so, we compared our very own very own mayonnaise-sprite solution and cream silk to see which one would take a better reaction to your hair as better performing hair conditioner. As we researched more in the field of study about hair, a revolutionary breakthrough hit us. We just found out that our hair is composed of natural keratin. And as we grow older our hair loses some keratin due to too much shampoo or too much frequent brushing. That’s why we have dull, frizzy and unmanageable hair. And since mayonnaise is made out of real eggs, protein is present in the substance. And as we are prone to eat foods or apply products that are rich in protein, it is easily conduced into keratin. Some of it are turned into natural keratin and some of it are being used up keratin is natural present in our solution. We made this product to help women achieve brilliant-looking hair that is bouncy, full of life, shiny and healthy.

Can mayonnaise-sprite solution be a better hair conditioner than cream silk??? HYPOTHESIS
Mayonnaise-sprite solution can be a better hair conditioner than a commercial hair conditioner called cream silk..... MATERIAS
1-mayonnaise 6-beater
3-cream silk conditioner

1) Prepare and secure all materials needed.
3) apply onto a representative’s hair. Leave on for 30 minutes. At the same time, apply cream silk on another representative. 4) After leaving on for 30 minutes, rinse well or just until the strong odor disappears. 5)compare the results

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