Queen of Air and Darkness Study Guide

Topics: Merlin, Uther Pendragon, King Arthur Pages: 2 (833 words) Published: January 14, 2014
Study Guide Questions: The Queen of Air and Darkness
1.The weather-crow was a carrion crow, with an arrow in its beak to point to the wind, like the one of Morgan le Fay’s castle. 2. King Uther invited the Earl and Countess of Cornwall to his castle. Then he wanted to marry the Countess but she said no, then The Earl and Countess ran away in the dead of night. When Uther finds out he threatens the Earl. The Earl puts himself and Countess in different castle. Merlyn puts Uther in the Earl’s castle and Uther kills the Earl then forcefully married the Countess and rapes her. 3. The sons adore their mother uncritically. Queen Morgause doesn’t really care about her sons; she mostly ignores them. 4. Merlyn believes that Might doesn’t make you Right. He thinks that because so many people fight without valid enough reason to and soldiers die all the time because of it. Having power doesn’t justify what they do. 5. Merlyn can’t give Arthur advice because he will meet a girl, Nimue, and fall in love with her. Then she will learn al his spells and use them to trap Merlyn in a cave for several centuries. Merlyn knows he is going to be gone so he is preparing Arthur to figure things out for himself. 6. Arthur is compared to the man of Eden, Adam. He is compared to Adam because he is innocent and naïve and doesn’t have the knowledge of good and bad. 7. The revolt planned by the Gaelic Confederation causes races to fight against each other and Man’s destiny is unity. 8. The two feuds are the Gaels and the Galls and the Normans and the Saxons. 9. Merlyn believes that war is not necessary and anything the war is “solving” can be redressed by reason. 10. Merlyn says that during Arthur’s reign people are going to hate each other for racial reasons and they will fight each other for fun and no one will think about the common soldier. 11. The Gaels didn’t really know what to think of a couple of King Arthur’s knights around. They thought that maybe they were there to spy on they or...
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