Queen Elizabeth Analaysis

Topics: Elizabeth I of England, Monarchy, Military Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: April 1, 2013
As one of the only powerful female monarchs in English history, Queen Elizabeth must have been wary of her words. In this specific speech, she attempts to bolster the military morale by providing a profound speech to ensure the success of repelling the Spanish Armada. Her use of various sentences, pathos, and parallelism itself, convinces the listener that victory is inevitable.

Queen Elizabeth successfully reinforced the military morale through the variety of sentences applied while providing the speech, such as cumulative sentence, as well as imperative sentence. Queen Elizabeth's statement "We have been persuaded by some that are careful…" manipulates the emotion of the army, allowing her to enhance the military capabilities. The application of a cumulative sentence, Queen Elizabeth implements emphasis on the caution that is necessary to proceed to demonstrate her cunningness, determination, and how prepared she is. By demonstrating her determination, she is able to "implant" some courage within her army, boosting their morale. The use of imperative sentence provided by Queen Elizabeth when she claimed "Let tyrants fear…" clearly demonstrate the assurance of victory that Queen Elizabeth has planned. Implementing this quote within the speech motivates her army by demonstrating that the enemies have a reason to fear England. By reassuring the military that the enemies should be fearing the English army, they feel resurged, filled with energy.

The morale of the military has been bolstered through the use of pathos. By manipulating diction such as: "distrust", "faith", and "loving"-Queen Elizabeth is successfully able to boost the morale of her military. While she makes her statement, and the audience hears those words, the army is able to feel relieved, refreshed, and revitalized. In doing so, Queen Elizabeth has successfully been able to boost the morale of her army. Elizabeth purposely embeds the diction "fear" to demonstrate the strength of her...
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