Quantum Mechanics

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Quantum Mechanics

In 1758 scientist found that the gases giving off by the burning materials emitted different colors of lights of spectrums. Not all the colors of the rainbow appeared and they were black gaps in the spectrum.

1802 it was discovered the solar spectrum had tiny gaps, they were many thin dark light in the rainbow colors. 100 years ago , the hot solid gave continuos spectrum and the overall color of the line revealed the temperature of the object. This discovery made it possible to measure the temperature of an object from a distance.

Blackbodies absorb virtually all the light shown in the surfaces. They also radiate almost perfectly. The temperature of the black body object determine the distribution of colors or wavelengths in the admitted line.

A good example of black body radiation is the heat inside a stove, electromagnetic radiation light and heat exist in a form of standing waves, waves like the vibration of a guitar string is attached in both ends. The ends of the standing waves do not move, the are attached to the side of the stove, and many waves exists with different waves of colors. The infrared is the main color; as the temperature rises, it becomes red, and then change to orange then yellow and the bluish white. The distribution of energy and light shifts to shorter wavelengths as the temperature rises.

Max Planck concluded that the energy contained in this standing waves inside the stove, did not and could not posses just any and all different amounts of energy. Instead the quantity of energy of the standing waves possessed has to be limited to a few specific discrete values of energy for each color. Blue light can have energy equal to 0 electrons, or 3 electrons, or 6 electrons or 9 electrons and so on. E=nhV

blue light can not contain n=1,2,4

Energy is set to be quantize. And n is called a quantum number

Planck conclusion that light energies quantized was used by einstein to explain another...
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