Quantum Entanglement Theory

Topics: Quantum mechanics, Quantum entanglement, Quantum state Pages: 10 (3227 words) Published: August 15, 2011
Rev. Richard Ramsey Advanced Theoretical Physics 301 November 26, 2010

1. Introduction
Quantum entanglement is ubiquitous, appears everywhere in the microscopic world (See, e.g., Durt, 2004; Brooks, 2005) and under some circumstances manifests itself Macroscopically (Arnesen, et al, 2001; Ghost et al, 2003 & Julsgaard et al, 2001). Indeed, it Is currently the most intensely studied subject in physics. Further, speculations abound as to Its nature and implications (See, e.g., Clarke, 2004, Josephson, 1991 & Radin, 2004). There are many general and technical papers written on the subject. So cutting to the chase, we shall immediately outline our propositions on the subject and then discuss each in some detail with references to existing literature whenever possible. We should point out that our propositions are outside the mainstream physics and other authors may hold similar views on some of the points we shall make in this paper. We will also discuss the roles of Quantum entanglement in spin-mediated consciousness theory (Hu & Wu, 2002, 2003, 2004a-d).

The following are our propositions about the ontological origin, implications and applications of quantum entanglement:
1) It originates from the primordial spin processes in non-spatial and non-temporal Pre-space-time. It is the quantum “glue” holding once interacting quantum entities together in pre-space-time, implies genuine interconnectedness and inseparableness of the said quantum entities and can be directly sensed and utilized by the entangled quantum entities.

2) It can influence chemical/biochemical reactions, other physical processes and micro- and macroscopic properties of all forms of matters, thus, playing vital roles In many biological processes and consciousness. It is the genuine cause of many anomalous effects (if they do exist) in parapsychology, alternative medicine and other fields as some authors have already suspected in some cases. 3) It can be harnessed, tamed and developed into revolutionary technologies to serve the mankind in many areas such as health, medicine and even recreation besides the already emerging fields of quantum computation.

2. The Origin and Nature of Quantum Entanglement
Popular opinion has it that Erwin Shrödinger coined the word “entanglement” and first used it in 1935 in his article published in the Proceedings of Cambridge Philosophical Society (Shrödinger, 1935). Mathematically, Shrödinger showed that entanglement arises from the interactions of two particles through the evolution of Shrödinger equation and called this phenomenon the characteristic trait of quantum theory (id.). Einstein called quantum entanglement “spooky action at a distance” in the famous EPR debate (See, e.g., Einstein et al, 1935).

Ontologically, we argue that quantum entanglement arises from the primordial self-referential spin processes which are the driving force behind quantum effects, space-time dynamics and consciousness as we have argued previously (Hu & Wu, 2003; 2004a). Pictorially, two interacting quantum entities such as two electrons get entangled with each other through the said spin processes by exchanging one or more entangling photons with entangling occurring in pre-space-time. Such ontological interpretation is supported by existing literature as discussed below.

First, Hestenes showed that in the geometric picture for the Dirac electron the zitterbewegung associated with the spin is responsible for all known quantum effects of said electron and the imagery number i in the Dirac equation is said to be due to electronic spin (See, e.g., Hestines, 1983).

Second, in Bohemian mechanics the “quantum potential” is responsible for quantum effects (Bohm and Hiley, 1993). Salesi and Recami (1998) have recently shown that the said potential is a pure consequence of “ internal motion” associated with spin evidencing that the quantum behavior is a direct...
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