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Research Article Critique 1



Research Article Critique of “The Study of Teacher Perceptions of Instructional Technology Integration in the Classroom” by Lynette Molstad Gorder


The purpose of this assignment was to review a peer reviewed journal article that is research based, and is representative of one of the research methodologies we discussed in class. The format of the article has the appearance of a dissertation because it has many of the same components. It starts with an abstract that discusses the main points of the research and the results. After reading the article, I found that the abstract failed to mention that the research was based on teachers who attended a technology course at South Dakota University. After going through a basic and advanced technology course, the teachers were sent a survey to analyze whether those teachers were integrating technology into teaching and learning. The research methodology used in this study were surveys analyzed in a quantitative design. More specifically, two survey instruments were introduced in the article, but only one was used. Both were designed by Mills and Tincher (2003). They describe the Technology Integration Standards Configuration matrix (TISC) as the first tool. This looked at technology as a tool to enhance student learning and a tool for professional productivity. The second tool described by the same designer developed the Technology Integration Matrix (TICM). This tool was more user-friendly and just described what the teacher does and what the students do in a technology outfitted classroom. Later in the article we discover that TICM is survey based on a scale rating; (1)never, (2)seldom, (3)sometimes, (4)often, and (5)always. Using this tool, the author sought to find out to what degree teachers integrate technology into their classroom and into teaching and learning after taking two technology integration classes. Using the survey the...

References: Gorder, L. (2008). A Study of Teacher Perceptions of Instructional Technology Integration in the Classroom. The Delta Pi Epsilon Journal, L (2), 63-76. Mills, S.C., &Tincher, R. C. (2003) Be the technology: A developmental model for evaluating technology integration. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 35(3), 382-401.
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