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Family Genealogy Paper
A family that prays together stays together is an idiom passed down from generations to generations. My family stands firm on this phrase and will continue to pass it down to generations to come. As I conducted a few conversations with family members, from the maternal side of my family, I understood why they believed in the quote and I will continue to pass it down to my kids and family.

The reason I researched my mother’s side of the family was because they are larger than my father’s side and they are in close proximity of each other. My mom’s side of the family grew up in a small North Carolinian town called Pinetop. I went back as far as my great-great grandparents and their names were Edward and Rachael Crummedy. They were sharecroppers and they both passed away when my great-grandmother was 9 years old. My great-grandparents are the late Columbus and Clara Crummedy Dickens. Born in 1913, Columbus Dickens grew up to be a sharecropper and provider for his family. Columbus worked for a white man who owned the property that the Dickens family resided on. He would work on the farm all year long just so that the family could stay on the farm and also have food to eat. His return pay would be a stipend at the end of the year that went towards the bills for the house, so he never really saw any money for his own good. During certain times of the year he had to hire other people to help him maintain the farm (who were usually family members) and they would receive their pay from whatever Columbus received. If Colu
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