Quality Parts Company

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Case: Quality Parts Company

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1) Introduction

Quality Parts Company is an enterprise that supplies gizmos for a computer manufacturer. There are three products (X, Y, Z), and basically all of them need the same machines, except for product Z which has milling as the first operation. The demand can range from one hundred and twenty five to one hundred and seventy five products per month. Another important consideration to make about this enterprise is that it has a subassembly which gives products directly to the middle of the plant.
The following chapter provides an overview of alterations planned by the manager of the company. We listed some changes that are not compatible in the lean manufacturing objectives and made suggestions to improve the results of the company.

2) Current situation

Doing the analysis of the changes that the manager considers to make in the company, it’s important to say that the first thing to do in the just in time is not to produce while the customer does not request the respective product. By the principle of the kanban pull system, the worker only has permission to produce when a pull signal is sent to him, normally manifested through a card or an empty container.
What we can see at the manager changes is that she wants to store a buffer of at least two days in front at the workstation, in order to try the worker to produce faster. In fact, this is bad for the company because that inventory it’s not giving profit for the company.
Another important consideration to make it’s about hiring three workers to inspect the products after the production. The quality at the source is an important factor in the lean manufacturing. It refers to the theory of employees assuming the responsibility for the quality of their own work, they are expected to make a part of the final product correctly at the

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