Quality of Work Life

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Topic: Quality of work life in a Manufacturing Industry
Quality of Life is the extent of relationships between individuals and organizational factors that exists in the working environment. Quality of work life is the extent to which workers can satisfy important personal needs through their experiences in the organization. It is focusing strongly on providing a work environment conducive to satisfy individual needs. It is assumed that if employees have more positive attitudes about the organization and their productivity increases, everything else being equal, the organization should be more effective. The present study will be conducted to examine the work related factors and demographic factors having relationship with the perception of quality of work life and to explore the relationship between quality of work and quality of life in a Manufacturing Industry located at Mysore. The work related factors are combined in six categories:

* Working environment
* Welfare measures
* Safety measures
* Supervision
* Workers Participation in decision making process
* Intercommunication

Quality of life at work - should management care?
Quality of life is a term we are hearing a great deal about at present. It has become an issue of concern in today's world and in its broadest context is even on the Government's agenda, one of the indicators being whether the number of sparrows in the environment is increasing or decreasing! The idea of quality of life is even being extended to the workplace, but what does it mean and should senior managers - focused on the drive to reduce costs - actually care? And are there any good reasons to have a strategy to improve it? As our research - and that of others in the field - has clearly demonstrated, there are commercially sound reasons to put quality of life at work on the agenda - especially in the context of outsourcing. The drive to reduce costs - and quality of life at work The effects of the drive among organisations to reduce costs - not just once but continually - are also clearly evident from our research and that of others. Downsizing, outsourcing, de-layering, closures, culture change and redundancy are continuing to have a massive impact on UK business organizations, and it is clear that they will continue to have a major impact on quality of life at work over the coming years. There is a strong consensus among those researching the subject that organizational change is reducing employees' sense of job security, motivation, loyalty - key criteria from the employees' perspective in judging quality of life at work and their personal commitment to the organization  Employer of first choice - working environment as a key differentiator There are sound commercial reasons to be concerned about quality of life at work, not least because it impacts on the company's reputation as an employer. At the same time as organizations drive to reduce costs, many have an openly articulated strategy to be a world-class employer - an 'employer of first choice' in their sector. The drive to reduce costs is also often associated with a reduction both in the range and quality of support services in the workplace such as staff restaurant, health club, sports and social clubs, etc. Withdrawal or reduced commitment can have a major impact on staff morale, productivity and loyalty - and an impact on the company's ability to attract the best and brightest. With unemployment in the UK now below the headline-grabbing million mark, the lowest in Europe, there is increasing competition to attract the best recruits and retain existing staff; so more enlightened organizations are looking to their working environment as a key contributor to enhancing corporate reputation as a differentiator from their competitors. The employee as consumer

Many organisations have high on the agenda the twin thrusts of reducing the costs associated with support services and, in...
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