Quality of Work Life

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Quality of Work Life

In today's high tech, fast-paced world, the work environment is very different than it was a generation ago. It is now rare for a person to stay with a single company his or her entire working life. There are multiple reasons for this, but mostly because employees are often willing to leave a company for better opportunities, companies need to find ways not only to hire qualified people, but also to retain them. As more companies start to realize that a happy employee is an effective employee, they have started to look for ways to improve the work environment. Many have implemented various work-life programs to help employees, including alternate work arrangements, onsite childcare, exercise facilities, relaxed dress codes, and more. Quality-of-work-life programs go beyond work/life programs by focusing attention less on employee needs outside of work and realizing that job stress and the quality of life at work is even more direct bearing on worker satisfaction. Open communications, mentoring programs, and fostering more amicable relationships among workers are some of the ways employers are improving the quality of work life.

Emerging Trends
Forces For Change

A factor contributing to the problem was that the workers themselves were changing. They became educated, more affluent (partly because of the effectiveness of classical job design), and more independent. They began reaching for higher-order needs, something more than merely earning their bread. Employers now had two reasons for re-designing jobs and organisations for a better QWL: * Classical design originally gave inadequate attention to human needs. * The needs and aspirations of workers themselves were changing.

Humanised Work Through QWL

One option was to re-design jobs to have the attributes desired by people, and re-design organisations to have the environment desired by the people. This approach seeks to improve QWL. There is a need to give workers more of...
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