Quality of Service for Customers in Hotels

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For a hotel always concerned about the quality of their service to their customers. However, customers are not satisfied about the quality of those serving. That has led to customers began to complain about the quality of service. Most hotels are known complaints have reduced the assessment of. Especially the complaints related to the long wait at check-in and checkout. This essay will discussion of the factors contributing to the complaint and proposed solutions to resolve them.

Check-in and checkout the traditional style of the hotel is very time consuming because they need to do a lot of steps to get a room for customers. For check-in, the customer is required to sign in and confirm accurate information to customers booking the hotel or not. However, some hotels apart from confirmation of the customer information, they want to get accurate information as to retrieve information their passport or ID card and photo to that information. For the checkout, the customer usually starts paying so it does not take much time compared to the check-in.

Sometimes the problem to check-in and checkout were more problems arise making customers wait longer than usual. The problems encountered in the check-in. hotels sometimes encounter some problems from providing customer information is incorrect. For example, the reservation department was misspelled or misheard customer information that can make wrong customer’s information. Therefore, that customers have to wait long at the front desk. Moreover, to the wrong customer can mistype day staff of customer check-in that leads to customer wait staff find their information and revise reasonable. In addition, not only have the customer fill out wrong information, but the problem also belongs to the housekeeping department. The housekeeper must be doing a lot of room in the day that they sometimes do not promptly the room for guests to come. Moreover, Dube-Rioux, Schmitt, and Leclerc (1989) say that some individuals may infringe the time of service to others and work for the visitors after waiting. Sometimes, some guest was checkout late so it can make cleaning that room are more slowly ​​and lead to the next guest to wait for housekeeping finish. Occasionally, some customers to change flight dates or want to stay for the few days it can lead to a number of rooms that the hotel arranged for new guests check-in did not have enough room, and make the guests must wait to solve the problem.

Checkout also have some problems to make customers wait to leave the hotel. As same as check-in, hotel staff must know the customer information what they used in the hotel that can help them to charge. This is because, false information may cause customers to wait long when they checkout. In addition, a small number of three-star hotels in Vietnam they forced their guests waiting to check before completing the checkout. It also has a good side and bad side of it because the client will wait longer to check out the hotel and the good side customers will not lose items. Moreover, some customers checkout is majority of them will not have much cash so some customers will pay with their credit card to pay for the room or the service charge added. But unfortunately timed to charge money machine to be damaged and it did take a little time to wait for customers. As well as check-in, checkout date recorded information of customers making false misleading calculations. Therefore, the hotel staff to change information for customers and lead to customer wait staff properly corrected information. Moreover, employee mistyped charge additional customer service as well as for tourists waiting to check and modify it right. That is some reason that some customers have encountered while waiting long to check-in or check out.

Managers must know the problems from the complaint will affect hotel. This is because, customer service is not customer satisfaction that is what customers perceive and remember the service...

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