Quality of Life

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In general, quality of life or also known as QOL is identified as a quality of an individual’s daily life. This includes his or her emotional, social and physical well beings. The factors that play a major role in the quality of life varies based on a person’s choices. This usually includes family life, job satisfaction, education, health and safety. A financial decision often involves a trade-off whereby the quality of life is decreased so that an individual can save money or the quality of life is increased when an individual spends more money. Even though there are many factors that can influence the quality of life, in this assignment however we will be focusing on four major components that we feel are most crucial and they are: health, education, income, and housing The first factor of quality of life is health. It’s a logical reason whereby eating healthy foods and exercising will help maintain the physical quality of your life. However due to some economy challenges, some people cannot afford to eat healthily. Consuming fruits and vegetables are a lot healthier than consuming fast food, but they are a lot more expensive. Plus, most people with low wages cannot afford to join a gym to exercise. By regularly visiting doctors, it can help individuals to be aware of their lifestyle that needs adjustments. With today’s health care debate on the political hot list, the economics of health care can’t be ignored when considering the quality of life problems. Medical cares are meant for those individuals who can afford health insurance rewards or have it “offered” by their employers. Due to the lack of health care, it can lead to illnesses or diseases that can influence the quality of life. For example, if cancer can be detected early it can help be treated if not then it could mean death. Higher life expectancy is usually related with higher healthcare spending per individual, although many other factors such as education, lifestyles, and environmental factors can have a major affect on life expectancy. The second factor of life is education. Education is very important especially for young children because this is the time when they are still young that their minds are open and teachable. Plus, it’s their time of life when they view things innocently. A well-educated and well-skilled population is important for a country’s economic and social well-being. Education plays a major role in providing individuals with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to participate efficiently in both society and economy. Having a good education significantly improves the chances or possibilities of finding a job and earning enough money. Based on OECD countries, 83% of people with university-level degrees have a job when compared with 55% for those with only a secondary school diploma. It is also said that lifetime earnings may also increase with each level of education. The third factor of quality of life is income. They say money cannot buy happiness however it is important when it comes to achieving higher living standards. Having a sufficient amount of income for you and your family will help you live more comfortable. Higher economic wealth means improving the quality of health care, education and housing. According to PhysOrg.com, “As income decreased from $75,000, respondents reported decreasing happiness and increasing sadness and stress. The data suggest that the pain of life’s misfortunes, including disease, divorce, and being alone, is exacerbated by poverty.” The fourth and last factor to quality of life is housing. Housing is one the most important property of people’s lives. It is one of the basic and essential needs for us human. Housing provides a place to sleep and rest where everyone can feel safe and have the privacy and comfort of their own personal space. It is a place where families are raised. Without proper shelter, people cannot meet their basic needs and participate in everyday society. The...

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