Quality of Life

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What is Qality of Life ? In what different ways can we think about it ?

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This essay will discuss about term Quality of Life. People try captured essential qualities of a proper society and the right life across time and cultures. Discussion will focus on the areas such as measurement, expectation from life and freedom of choice. However there is many external sensations which shape view and thinking about quality of life. Determine how quality is life personalities in a society are based on many various indicators.

Quality of life is universal connect with welfare of individuals in societies. It means satisfaction people with their lives and what conditions provide society for satisfaction of needs. Reward may be dividing into emotional, mental and physical satisfaction. People in society desire achieve “good life” for millennia. Primarily concept quality of life according Derek ( 2009), is based on standard indicators such as healthcare, politics, satisfaction of population, standard of living, environment and social coexistence including the fields of international development. There are three major philosophical approaches to determining it, (Brock in Diener et al. 1997). The first approach describes characteristics of the good life based for example on religious, philosophical, or other system. It is most clearly related to the social indicators tradition in the social sciences. The second approach is based on the satisfaction of people and on the fullfilment of their wishes. Definition of the quality of life of a society is based on whether the people can obtain things according their individual desires that will most improve their quality of life. The third definition of quality of life is based in feelings and experience of individuals. Emotions such as feelings of joy, pleasure, peace and life satisfaction are essential.

There are many indicators which influence well being of human been. Though how it could be measure? The new scientific approaches to measuring quality of life are based to objective indicators and subjective well-being, (Diener et al. 1997).Objective indicators reflect circumstances in society in particular culture or geographical environment. Objective determinants of quality of life in society are for instance representing these factors: material wellbeing, political stability and freedom, community life, health care, human right, (Diener et al.1997). These factors can be easily measured. For example measuring mortality and longevity in particular state reflect health care in this country. On the other hand subjective well-being includes the individual’s cognitive and affective reactions and feeling in specific domains of life. According Diener (1997) ”Subjective well-being consists of three interrelated components: life satisfaction, pleasant affect, and unpleasant affect”. It is quite challenging measure mood, emotions and sense of satisfaction with life. In past it/measuring was based just on references of respondents. New scientific knowledge use technologies that measure wave frequencies of the brain which can show us level of happiness or mood respondents. (Cella, 2007). The other progressive method how to determine well-being is measuring by pulse, pressure, temperature, and composition of blood and on the basis of those evaluate a level of mood, (Higginson, 2001). Ecological economist Robert Costanza, (2008) sad:”While Quality of Life has long been an explicit or implicit policy goal in recent years had been measure diverse objective and subjective indicators across a range of disciplines and scales however the adequate definition and measurement have been elusive”. It is really difficult established one right evaluation of quality of life because there are many...
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