Quality of Life

Topics: City, Rural geography, Rural area Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: December 25, 2006
According to the research done by UN Human Development Index, 2005, Australia is the third most livable country in the year 2005 based on the citizen's quality of life rather than bringing into account Australia's economic figures (www.wikipedia.org, 18/11/2006). "Quality of life is both objective and subjective. Each of these two axes comprises several domains which, together, define the total construct. Objective domains are measured through culturally relevant indices of objective well-being. Subjective domains are measured through questions of satisfaction." (http://acqol.deakin.edu.au/introduction/index.htm, 18/11/2006). This essay will compare and contrast the quality of life for young people living in small rural communities in Australia with quality of life in Australian capital cities. The change of lifestyles in this day and age which will have an effect on the quality of life, especially of the younger generation, is due to the rapid developments in modern societies. These changes can be seen in infrastructures such as hospital facilities, education, job and business opportunities and also in the differences in pace of life apparent in these two diverse lifestyles. Leading a peaceful way of life is a very important principle in (the) majority of Australia(‘s) youth today. The significance of ‘a peaceful way of life' is (one) (led) by someone with little stress and (prone to be) more relaxed. It is proven that by leading a peaceful way of life, it will lead to a (healthier) life. This is due to the positive response(s) and optimistic attitude towards life young people harvest while staying in rural communities. The reason(s) ( ) why rural community's settlers are less stress(ed) (are) due to several factors such as(;) less traffic congestion, less stress at work and less noise pollution. (-Note: if u use ‘secondly' don't use ‘another'-)Another reason why living in rural communities is (considered more favourable) is because (of a lower level of...
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