Quality Management Tools and Techniques

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Quality management tools and techniques
SHUAA Capital
The research topic
How Quality and Management tools and Techniques are being implemented in SHUAA Capital. Introduction
This research prepared is an individual is an individual project which is one of the necessities in a Course of Quality Management Tools and Techniques. The research will be handed over to the Course Instructor. The purpose of the research

The research’s purpose is to identify the Quality and Management Tools and Techniques the organization is successfully implementing as well as any other Quality Management tools and Techniques that are not successful. It also aims at identifying where improvement is required. Brief about SHUAA Capital

SHUAA Capital is a public sharing company that was founded in 1979. It is controlled by the UAE Central Bank and listed on the Dubai Financial Market. The company deals in management of assets, investment banking, brokerages, private equity and finance. It was the first company to in the United Arab Emirates to adopt the IAS reporting standards and to give out quarterly financial statements, which is currently a requirement for all companies listed on the Dubai Financial Market. The company has been a pioneer in in the Investment management in the Middle East and remains at the fore front of MENA fund and wealth management today. It has headquarters in Dubai with branches in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Jeddah. The company has spread its services across the GCC’s vibrant and competitive regional economies. The company has received many awards from EUROMONEY in many categories. The Best Equity House award is the one that company has received for many times. Following the strictest standards, the transparency has been one of the pillars of the company’s success. Giving advice on corporate finance along with information on debt capital markets and ways to configure Investments are some of the duties of the company’s investment Banking wing. The SHUAA Capital Asset Management is the best in the GCC region. This comes from the provision of all-inclusive market insights following best research techniques and timely relevant products. Its Securities branch gives high quality brokerage and advisory services. A team of experienced investment professionals runs the SHUAA Capital Private Equity business. Members of this team fully understand the dynamics of the GCC economic zone. The company has most experienced individuals in the financial services industry in the region. Its employees come from more than 25 different countries most of which are bi-lingual in English and Arabic. The SHUAA Capital has worked to clarify and define a framework for the organization matching them with the Dubai government's plan and this framework summarized in the organization vision, mission, values and objectives. Vision: become a dominant force in the investment, banking, and other financial service industries across the GCC and the rest of the world. Mission: provide financial empowerment of the clients within the zones in which it operates. Values:

Customers and partners: Their ambassadors to represent their business. Employees: Their real investment.
Support and backing: A creative work environment.
Future thinking: Creativity for improvement and development. Objectives:
To successfully manage assets in the region to make it a model to be emulated •Serve customers to their satisfaction
Serve humankind with humanity using the best technology
To successfully implement Quality management Tools and Techniques Findings
1.SHUAA Capital uses various quality management tools in its improvement processes. These tools are used in the analysis of the information, organizing and keeping it for future reference. The tools are also useful when the company is looking for information sources. 2.Among the tools, it has Process Maps. They come at the beginning of the improvement process. They describe the whole process including the...

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