Topics: Management, Quality control, Quality assurance, Quality management, PDCA / Pages: 16 (3797 words) / Published: Aug 30th, 2014
Introduction and Orientation to the Topic 4
Report 5
Task 1 5
Defining Quality in Terms of Business 5
Evolution of Total Quality 5
Quality Management Approaches for Walmart 6
Deming’s approach 6
Juran’s Approach 6
Crosby’s approach 7
Similarities and differences among the Suggested Approaches 7
Similarities among Juran, Crosby and Deming’s approaches 7
The differences between Juran, Crosby and Deming’s approaches 7
Task 2 9
Customer satisfaction 9
Continuous Improvement 9
Importance given to effective marketing and the type of information made available to customers 10
Advertisement 10
More Media Formats 10
Task 3 12
Measurement of Quality Management 12
Quality control 12
Quality assurance 12
Quality improvement 12
Benefit of user and non-user surveys in determining customer need 12
User Profile survey 13
Features 13
Benefits 13
What do I get? 13
Methods of consultation employed 13
Unions and Employee Involvement 13
Value of complaints 14
Importance of complaints 14
Complains procedures 15
Task 4 16
Role of self-assessment in determine the current state of health in Walmart 16
Importance of communication and record keeping 16
Upward Communications 17
Downward Communications 17
Record keeping 18
Implementation of Quality Schemes 18
Adopting the change 18
Trainings 18
Main Stages of Consultation 18
Improving the Service Quality 19
Service Quality 19
Organization 19
Customer Care 19
Communication 20
Front-line people 20
Leadership 20
Key benefits 21
References 22

Introduction and Orientation to the Topic Quality has an utmost value and importance for all the businesses- be it a industrial unit or a services concern. The idea of total quality has developed from the methods of quality assurance in the early decades of 20th century. In this report we will find out find out issue of customer satisfaction and the idea of continuous improvement for Walmart. Analysis will also look into some other aspects

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