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How do the QM principles apply to your company? Give examples The company I have taken in consideration is DHL
Quality according to DHL is about having no errors in shipments, low product damage, on-time orders, high productivity, excellent alignment with customer requirements, and full regulatory compliance. With DHL, it's also about finding ways to constantly move the bar higher. * DHL emphasize employee involvement and management engagement, throughout * DHL methods are applicable to a wide range of potential topics * Associates are motivated to achieve better customer service * DHL process is consistent with both Six Sigma and lean methodologies * DHL provide a structured discipline for team-based problem solving * DHL regulatory expertise helps ensure that compliance with government authorities and other agencies is factored into all solutions. Quality Measurement

* DHL quality metrics provide DHL management with the tools and information necessary to understand every element of your organization’s performance. * As part of the management review process, scorecards and dashboards are reviewed, discussion is provoked, attention is drawn to the defects, and opportunities are identified for improvement initiatives. * Engage operational teams in the review of daily process metrics * Provide visibility to the processes in need of attention * Understand the voice of the customer.


Dimension 1: Performance
DHL provide structure and mechanisms that establish predictable and compliant performance DHL advocate and demand quality for our customers as well as our own business With a quality program in place, you will meet or exceed customer expectations, performance objectives, and comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements

Dimension 2: Features
DHL Express offers a number of Industry Solutions that leverage the capabilities of its network to...
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